Monday, January 29, 2007

...but is it art?

That is a poster I have had since I was a teenager. I FINALLY finished framing and hanging it today. Can you see why I've held on to it? Look close at the title...

The movie was ultimately released as "RETURN of the Jedi." My Dad bought the poster 20 or so years ago at an auction. I'd always heard that Lucas changed the name of the movie after realizing that according to their "code," Jedi do not seek "revenge." According to Wikipedia however, Lucas MAY have wanted to call the movie "Return of the Jedi" all along, and just called it "Revenge..." to throw off merchandise counterfeiters.

It's value is questionable... I have heard from some collectors that it is QUITE valuable, and from others that it's fairly common. The ones I see for sale on ebay all seem to have been folded and so have crease lines all through them. This one had always been rolled, so it's smooth. I did make a HUGE mistake as a teen though. I had it mounted on foam board. I had good intentions... I thought it would help to preserve the poster... instead I learned that by doing that I lowered any value the poster had dramatically. Even with the mounting, it has suffered some damage over the years. It's been through 7 or so moves, 2 or 3 different frames, and even a fire... but is still in fair condition.

It now (after much indecision regarding a proper frame) hangs fairly prominently in what MAY be a dining area some day... it's a space between my kitchen and the living area... directly across from the mirror on the brown wall. It's new frame is quite large, like the mirror, and I think it helps to balance the room.

So, is it art? Is it appropriate? Does a movie poster belong in such a prominent place in my new adult place? When guys see it they think it's pretty cool, girls think it's weird that I would have it on display. I can personally justify it's placement by pointing out it's unique mis-titleing, by the fact that I am a fan, by the fact that it has a lot of red in it and red will be a prominent accent color in the room, and design-wise as a balance to the oversized mirror directly across from it.

Art? I don't know. Appropriate? I think so, for now. Interesting? Yes.

Oh, by the way, have you seen the ads on TV for the "hercules hook?" That guy Billy Mays, yells about it on TV all the time. Well, my Mom bought some of them, and sent me a few. They totally work! As Seen On TV. I was not able to muscle the hook through the drywall on my own like Billy does, so I drove a 2" finishing nail through the wall, pulled out the nail and then pushed the hook through the hole. Easy peasy. My poster is in a very heavy frame, and that frame is being held up by two of those hooks... no problem! I even had to reposition one of the hooks three times and it was not a big deal.



Sorted Lives said...

It seems like everything is labeled art these days. Last March, I was in NYC at MOMA and they had an area dedicated to the 1950's. There was a toaster, plates, TV.

I guess this would fall into the media portion of art. That is, if there is a genre...

Matt said...

While it may not be something that I would put up in a prominent place (no snobbery meant, just not as big of a Star Wars series fan), you have great reasons for putting it where you did. And besides, it's your This New Condo, damnit!!!

Nice framing job, too.

Phidoux said...

I too think that the framing is most awesome. The movie poster is cool, but that goes without saying.