Wednesday, January 31, 2007

To the left, to the left...

Beyonce has put all my stuff in the box to the left.

Apparently she is kicking me out.

Why is the box with my stuff in it "to the left?" That, to me, implies that there is at least one other box there that I might mistake for the one with my stuff in it. Otherwise she wouldn't have to qualify her statement. If there was just one box she would say, "Over there, over there. Everything you own in a box over there."

Who's stuff is in the box to the right, or the one in the middle?

Why do you have so many boxes full of stuff out here anyway?

If she can't keep her men happy then clearly, it is Beyonce who has the problem.

Maybe they are getting sick of that chip on her shoulder. Talkin 'bout "You must not know 'bout me..." Yeah, I didn't know about your penchant for puttin all your boyfriend's shit in a box.

She even tells me in that strong woman of the new millennium tone that she can have another one like me over here "in a minute, matter of fact he'll be here in a minute." Does HE know 'bout you? What's he gonna think about all the boxes full of your ex's stuff layin around?

The box itself is a nice touch though. Walking down the hall after a fight with everything that's mine in a tall hefty kitchen cinch sack is not cool. The box at least has some dignity to it.

Does she keep a stash of boxes around for occasions like this?

That song makes me crazy.

The box pictures in this rant/post are in my actual bedroom. I have done ZERO work in there, other than putting my bed down and stacking up the boxes directly above to make a TV stand. The ones at the top of the post are NOT unpacked (my stuff is in both the one on the left AND the one on the right by the way) and have been serving as my night stand.

I have no clue what to do in that room. Once the living room is finished I'll start in there.



Paul said...

Boxes are great.

I've got boxes that haven't been unpacked for the last three moves. I have no idea what's in them now. But they're great to use as tables.

Sorted Lives said...

My garage still has boxes I need to go through when I moved in my condo 4 years ago. Just remember, one room at a time!! Good luck and enjoy that condo!

Paul said...

I also think boxers are great.

(Yes, I know. This has nothing to do with your new condo.)