Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Association

In the wake of all the drama a meeting of the homeowners has been called for tonight on the Lido Deck. Attending this meeting will be any owners/residents who wish to be there and people representing the builder, building management and concierge contractor. They are calling it a Homeowner's Association meeting, but there really isn't an association, as such, yet.

Meetings are not my strong suit... I lack the "think THEN speak" filtering mechanism... I tend to say REALLY stupid things in meetings... and then suffer terrible stomach aches for hours afterward thinking about how stupid I am. Tonight though, I am taking a vow of silence. I vow, here and now, in front of you and the other dude who reads this blog that I will not say a WORD during the "meeting" portion of the meeting. I will do the meet and greet unit number introduction thing that I assume is customary in settings such as these, and then I will zip it.

I'm an association meeting virgin so it should be fairly interesting. All the little things that seem to make people crazy 'round here (noisy rain down spouts, hallway vacuuming schedule, dog poop areas) I have just been chalking up to the newness of it all. Both the newness of the building AND my newness to condo ownership. Maybe I am being too cavalier. Maybe I SHOULD be outraged at the length of time it's taken to repair the finish on the elevator doors, damn it! Tonight I'll find out. Quietly.


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