Friday, January 19, 2007

2 out of 5

P and I call the 5th floor of my building "The Lido Deck." There is no Julie Your Cruise Director up there but there IS a club room with a pool table and an area where there might be a big ol plasma screen TV at some point. Outside there is a small pool, and an area where we'll have an outdoor fireplace to sit by someday. I imagine in the summer it will be kind of cool to go hang out up there.

Also included in that area is the workout room/fitness center. Believe it or not, my fat ass used to have a gym membership, but I let it lapse when I moved into This New Condo because the nice lady who sold me this place assured me the building would include a "world class fitness center." Well, maybe she didn't say "world class," but that was the impression I left with after one of our many discussions. It's not world class. If the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs is world class, then this is more like a D-List celebrities' basement gym. Which is not bad really.

Two treadmills, an elliptical, a multi-use kind of nautilus station, a stationary bike, small selection of dumbbells and a bench. So far no "cardio-theater." I think even a D-List celebrity would have a TV or two in there but my iPod is full of episodes of "Wait Wait... don't tell me: The NPR News Quiz" and other various podcasts which keep me entertained.

2 of the 5 days so far this week I actually did manage to push myself back from the computer long enough to do an hour's worth of light cardio... sweat inducing, but not deadly. Here's some proof:

Granted, it's only proof that I was in there long enough to take one picture... but notice that I am wearing workout type shorts and that it is blurry in some places which PROVES that I was at least moving... or that I've gotten very good with the smudge tool in photoshop.

I always feel GREAT after I am active and it always amazes me that an hour isn't really THAT big a part of my day. 2 out of 5 is a pretty crappy ratio, but I got up there and I did it, and next week maybe I'll do 3.


Matt said...

Very cool that you at least have that in your building ... I loved it when I lived in an apartment that had a gym.

I love "Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me"! And "Says You". I actually got to see that one live here in Seattle about a year ago.

Joe Jubinville said...

I let my gym membership lapse. I still work out at home, with dumbells mostly, which get the job done. But having a place dedicate to fitness to go to really is more motivating. I don't know why. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the fitness regimen.
I too am starting to get back in the saddle of eating well and exercising. We can do it!