Tuesday, January 9, 2007

The neon's on

I think it looks pretty cool. It's actually been on since Saturday or Sunday... I spent the weekend mostly at P's so I don't know exactly when they threw the switch. I first noticed it in the afternoon, but it was still light out and I couldn't tell what impact it would have on this new condo. Last night at work I got an email from one of my real life neighbors reminding that it was on. I was pretty certain though that they would turn it off after closing hours so I didn't think I'd be able to catch it all electrified. Luckily I finished early and a buddy of mine who I work with offered me a ride home (I usually take the train) so I was able to get there in time to see what a yellow neon buffalo looks like all lit up, and I think it looks cool.

We must have pulled up JUST IN TIME though because by the time I got up to my unit it was off and so I didn't get a chance to see how much (if any) of that yellow bovine light is stampeding into my place.

The next picture illustrates why I think I am going to be OK and why I think my neighbor needs to invest in some heavy drapes:

The YELLOW ARROW indicates where the light is reflecting off the tops of my neighbors windows. In my neighbor's case I don't think it matters, that is one of the mac daddy corner units. That window opens into a 3rd bedroom (not the master) and there's only one person living there. So they can sleep in one of their OTHER bedrooms. The GREEN ARROW shows the underside of my deck and how it seems to be deflecting most of the light away from my space.

Let me point out that these photos were taken with my Treo, and so the resolution is not the best. Also white light seems to look a lot brighter than yellow light so some things might APPEAR brighter when in fact they just have a different color temperature that my little Treo cam can't cope with.

I honestly think a bigger issue for me is going to come from a street lamp that will be going up in close proximity to my space. Right now the sidewalk below me is all torn up, but amongst all that dirt there is a base for a street lamp. I assume "they" are waiting until that patch of concrete is poured to reinstall the light. Once that is in I think it will negate any issues the neon buffalo might have caused by washing it out with it's own brightness. Hard to tell if I am high enough up for my deck to block any of that light pollution.

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