Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Would you like a piece of resistance?

OK... last post about this freakin wall. This is going to be so anticlimactic... hell, I painted the thing and I'm over it. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... A Brown Wall:

Ultimately, below the mirror I will have one or two small benches (preferably with storage) and maybe, just maybe, if I can find the EXACT right ones I will put some sconces (I HATE that word, especially when effeminate men say it, "SsssssssssCONssssssssessssss" not that there is anything wrong with effeminate men... just when they say THAT word. Want to know the WORST word for an effeminate man to say? You do? Oh good. Ready? *ahem* "Ossssssssteoperossssssssssissssssss" We now return you to outside the parenthesis) or some other light fixture on either side of the mirror.

I think it was a good idea to paint the HVAC register, you can barely see it.

Next projects? Not sure... the bathroom needs something, paint or cabinets or drawer liners or something. My computer location is really starting to bug me too. You might just be able to make out in one of the pics of the wall in the mirror, the reflection of my computer on the "breakfast bar" of my kitchen. That stuff needs to go. Ultimately I think the computer stuff will live in the bedroom, but I haven't bought any furniture for that room yet and don't want to put some big ol office "workstation" in there, big dilemma. My closet also needs attention. Actually the closet really, really needs attention. Hmmmmm.

OK... well tomorrow is Thanksgiving. My local family (Dad and his wife and her two children and some of their offspring) are leaving this morning to have their meal with her family in Tennessee. I am staying in Atlanta so I get to dog sit the worlds nicest, sweetest, happiest, dog. I'll take his picture so I can show him to you next time I post. My not-local family (Mom) is REALLY not local this year. She and some girlfriends are spending the holiday in PRAGUE! I'm very jealous.

In addition to my dog sitting duties tomorrow I will also be having a meal with my boyfriend and his whole (very large) family early in the afternoon, and THEN tomorrow evening will be off to a friend's apartment where he and his boyfriend are having some people over for another meal! All of that just to say... not sure when my next post will be...

Until then THIS NEW CONDO and I wish you a very happy holiday. Drive safely.

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it looks great!