Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bitching and broken vows

Yes, yes... I cracked. I broke my vow of silence to you and spoke up in last night's Homeowners Association meeting. Only briefly though, and what I said was constructive I think.

MOST of the meeting was a discussion about the Parking Deck. We talked and talked and talked about the parking deck and how there isn't going to be enough parking spaces for all of our guests! Frankly I am surprised by all the hubbub. I knew months before I moved in, months before the deck was even done being built, that I would have one parking space, and that my guests would have to park in the "public parking" area... and that likely they would be charged to do so. So why were all the rest of these folks so worked up about it?

My first vow of silence violation occurred during this extended discussion. There was a question about the security of residents in the building due to the nature of the entry doors from the unsecured areas of the parking deck... it's kind of convoluted. I spoke up regarding this issue to explain to the person who brought it up WHY that situation exists, and to agree with her that it is something we should look into. I didn't get to the agree part though, I was interrupted by a guy who was NOT HAPPY that we were spending so much time talking about parking when there were so many other issues! He was perfectly happy with the parking situation!

We talked about the sidewalk down below me... apparently there is more to that story. Still to come is a railing and some shrubbery!

We also learned the projected opening dates for the retail units down on the street. Three storefronts (Ted’s, a chocolate and liqueur "bar," and a mortgage company office) should be open by mid February, and one more in mid March.

One dude complained about the water puddles in the lobby over the weekend because people were shaking their umbrellas after coming in. He wanted special rainy day mats with the building logo on them laid down to absorb some of those umbrella drippings. Dude, shake your umbrella outside! There are plenty of covered places to do that!

My second slip of the tongue came after more people brought up other little issues... elevator lobby decorations, painting questions, parking deck beautification... At one point the developer's representative spoke up and said, "So what about all these things do you want to know?" I said, "Are they done?" Meaning, is the developer finished with the finishing touches. The rep didn't know, but assured us we'd be more in the loop about that stuff.

After all was said and done, I kind of felt like I had just spent two hours with a group of people who were mad that their automatic ass wiping machines were not as shiny as they expected.

I did meet some new neighbors, and said hello to some I already knew and that was cool... but I definitely do NOT want to be a board member!

PostScript: (5:39pm) I have edited this post to delete some words I used to describe the language and attitude of one of my neighbors. I forget that this is a public document and I need to take that into consideration. My intent is to just document some of the issues that come up in condo ownership, not to defame anyone.



Paul said...

Welcome to the neighborhood. There's NOTHING quiet [sic] like a homeowners association, as I assume you're quickly learning.

Jef said...

Bless your heart. I was the secretary of our neighborhood association for two years. I think it's like being trapped on a reality TV series, except there is no hope of being voted off the island.

It sometimes seem that people move into condos knowing full well of the drawbacks, and then fume over the drawbacks they knew about in the first place.

Joe Jubinville said...

As time goes on, you'll be amazed at some of the members' preoccupation with parking and parking spaces. There's a territoriality that for some seems to exceed that felt toward their condos themselves.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I love the Homeowners Ass.
It's amazing to see how petty and ignorant people can be sometimes. Never heard of being charged to park and visit friends. I don't like that one. Your monthly fees should cover that.