Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday Brunch, Acrobats and me

Today it is back to work after a week off. I can't say that I'm dreading going back, but I'm not really looking FORWARD to it either. So instead of looking forward lets jump in the wayback machine and take a very short trip back to check out yesterday because Sunday was AWESOME!

First of all, it RAINED ALL DAY! That's not sarcasm. I dig the rain and It was one of those good consistent rains. It never let up.

Second, "L" my mortgage broker AND one of my first and best Atlanta friends came over and I cooked brunch for her and P. Between the muffins last Friday and brunch yesterday, I think that is the most action my kitchen has seen since I moved in! Epicurious had a brunch menu that I wanted to make for my friends who went to the cabin with P and I last weekend, but it is a little "different" and my cabin friends are... not picky... but not adventurous eaters. So I invited L over so I could try out the "Baked Eggs with Cantal Cheese" and "Sweet-and-Spicy Bacon" recipes I didn't get to try in the mountains. I'm not a really good cook is the thing... so I did manage to screw up the eggs (I whisked shredded cheese into a bowl of egg whites that had been beaten till they formed stiff peaks. I should have folded the shredded cheese in. After the whisking incident, my whites no longer held stiff peaks) but not to the point that they were inedible. In fact they were quite good, they just didn't LOOK the way I had intended. For the record I could not find this "cantal cheese" so I went with a mild, white, english cheddar and it worked just fine if you ask me. I paired those with the bacon, toasted english muffins, a bowl of mixed fruit, mimosas and viola! This New Condo's first brunch is served!

It was very nice sitting with L and P and just catching up.

Then, Sunday afternoon, P and I went to Cirque du Soleil's Corteo at Atlantic Station. I was floored. Never been to a Cirque show before and I have to tell you that it was really, really amazing. The physical feats the actors perform are unbelievable and the STAGE is miraculous! An engineering marvel. We had front row seats. I loved every second of it.

This coming week is going to be a little weird... my schedule is all switched up due to some training I have to take part in mid week. Even my hours are really wacky. I'll only do my ACTUAL shift one time (today in fact) and then the rest of the week is a mixture of "on-call," training, and a "bonus day" on which I don't have to go in at all. GOOD way to come off a week of vacation.

Hope y'all had a good weekend.



Anonymous said...

Oh cool, The Cirque show sounds cool. I've yet to catch one, but need to.
Nothing like good strong mimosas to get you through a Sunday.

Anonymous said...

I just bought front row tickets to Corteo in November and then realized afterwards that maybe the front row would be too close. I didn't know if we would be able to see the whole stage or not, depending on if the front row is lower than the level of the stage. I was trying to find reviews from people who had sat in the front row and stumbled across your blog. It sounds like you enjoyed the show, so that makes me feel better! Thanks, Elizabeth :)