Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pain in the neck

So a few weeks ago I mentioned a trip to the ER. The symptoms I was feeling that led to that ER visit turned out to be nothing... HOWEVER... one of tests they ran DID show something else. Unrelated to my visit.

Turns out I have two thyroid nodules that aren't supposed to be there. Now, these things are fairly common. In fact the ultrasound technician who did the secondary "viewing" of my thyroid said that she has one too.

My bloodwork has all come back normal for Thyroid Hormone levels. I am in no pain or discomfort... no symptoms of anything... so I'm basically healthy... it's just these things growing in my neck.

Once the ultrasound confirmed that there was something that looked weird I made another appointment with an ear nose and throat guy. So far all my exams had been pretty easy... a CT Scan, an ultrasound, a neck massage... but this guy wanted to look at my vocal cords. This is a procedure in which a tube with a light at the end is shoved up your nostril and down the back of your throat... such a weird sensation. Worth it though to verify that neither nodule is effecting my vocal cords or my ability to swallow or breathe.

One of my nodules is not suspicious... it's just a little guy, chillin out. The other though is large and "unusual" so tomorrow they are going to biopsy it and see what it's really made of. The procedure is called a Fine Needle Aspiration which sounds fairly simple, but I'm getting mixed signals from my docs... one dude said it was no big deal, the other starting talking about how "vascular" the thyroid is and that I might want to take a day off work. Right now I am planning on working tomorrow night. Frankly it all depends on how stupid my bandages (if any) look.

There are three possible outcomes... cancer, not cancer and unclear. I'm pulling for "not cancer" of course, but even worse than cancer would be "unclear." If the result is cancer there are specific courses of action to take, if it's not cancer there are also clear options... but "unclear" just opens up a slew of possibilities.

So that's that. I'm not freaked out and I'm not scared... just anxious to get the results back. Hopefully by Monday next week.


Matt said...

Wow, sorry to hear about that. Glad that you're calm and cool about it. Of course I'm hoping it's "not cancer" too. I'll be thinking about you!

Paul said...

We'll be right there with you -- in spirit.

Keep us posted.

susana varela guillot said...

please, help me in this moment because I discovered this nodule on my thyroid today and I go for scan on January 15, ty, susana