Friday, June 1, 2007

What do you do in the emergency room for 4 hours?

Take pictures! Of course!

No need to go into why I was there... the short version of the story is that it turned out to be nothing. The long version includes an unexpected twist (ala Lynette Scavo) that will hopefully ALSO turn out to be nothing, but no need to go into all that for now.

I DID experience my first CT scan while I was in the ER... pretty freaking cool if you ask me. All automated. The neatest part was when they put this stuff called "contrast" into me. I think "contrast" is just a catchall term for any medium they can get inside of you that will show up well in the scan. In my case the contrast was delivered via an IV. Some stuff you have to drink or have (ahem) inserted. Why was it neat? The contrast they used on me had a trippy side effect... as soon as it started going in (and the tech warned me about this) parts of me got really warm. My ears for example... and my balls... just weird random pockets of heat. Instantaneously!

Having to deal with doctors and stuff is always intimidating for me. Lots of specific questions, lots of embarrassing disrobing, lots of being cold and waiting. My visit in the early hours of yesterday morning was one that I'd put off a million times because of insecurities and my uncanny ability to disregard any weird physical issue with the phrase "It's nothing." I have to say that my nurses and doctors were amazing. Maybe I got lucky, but everyone who I dealt with was compassionate, understanding, pleasant, efficient. It wasn't The 4 Seasons... but it wasn't Walter Reed either.

Lots of much sicker people around which is always kind of unsettling. A lot of puking, or at least retching, going on. I think something might be going around and I hope whatever it is didn't get past the curtain that blocked my exam room from the rest of the area.

So for now... my only souvenirs from my visit to the ER are my wristband, a couple MasterCard bills, a bruise where my first IV thing didn't go in so good (I decided not to post that pic) and the knowledge that to the best of a nurse, a doctor and a radiologist's knowledge there is no indication that the symptoms that prompted my visit to the ER are anything life threatening which is a relief. Oh yeah, and I got a sick day off work too... bonus!


Matt said...

Wow - I hope you're okay.

I'm SO not surprised that you sat around taking pictures, and thought your CT scan was cool. I, on the other hand, would have been sooo nervous and clawing at the walls trying to get out of there.

Jason said...

They could have kept the MC bills, I don't collect those ;)

Hope you're doing well, and good to see you have a sense of humor about it.

MiKell said...

I so remember the warm fuzzy feeling in, uhm, certain parts of my body when I got MY first CT scan.

Luckily (or not) it was a female tech, so no worries in my paper gown.

seymour said...

Here's to being healthy, happy and horny!