Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tests I can't study for...

Never was good at studying anyway. In fact, it's AMAZING that I graduated high school at all... have NO IDEA how I got into college. They must have wanted that "out-of-state" tuition or something, because my SAT scores sucked (actually fell asleep during the test) and my grades were pathetic. So I guess it's good that I cannot study for the tests I'm taking this week.

Yesterday I had to drink a bunch of stuff that I believe is mildly radioactive while they took pictures of my innards. Today I am BLOATED and unable to sleep.

This afternoon I get to have MORE pictures of my innards taken. This time inside a computed tomography machine. Did you know that's what the CT in CT (or CAT) scan stands for? Computed tomography. I didn't. I AM going to try and impress my technician with that though.

OR MAYBE I should TEST my technician!

Condoblogger: (wearing paper smock and socks) "So what does the CT stand for in CT scan anyway?"

Technician: (wearing whatever it is that Tim Daily wears on that new Grey's Anatomy spin off that he's worked so hard to get into shape for) "Um... CT... it's um... like a brand name... like G.E. or Philips I think."

Condoblogger: (somehow managing to look smug in paper smock and socks) "Actually it stands for computed tomography."

Technician: (wearing heavy iron smock and standing a safe distance away) "Yeah dude, whatever... deep breath and hold it!"

Just realizing that in writing this post, I actually DID study for this test a little...


Dean said...

I think that whole "scanner fantasy" could go entirely differently... and the paper smock could get torn a bit, you know.

Paul said...


But, but you've got to be careful to never embarrass the teacher. They usually don't like that.

Paul said...

Also meant to say ... I think Tim Daly sets the standard for actors in their fifties.

Jef said...

I knew a girl who studied for a pap test.

Come to think of it, I think I had a CAT scan when I was 19. It was a long time ago.

I have a great CAT scan joke to tell you one day.