Wednesday, September 5, 2007

BattleSCAR GalNECKtica

If you ever need a thyroid nodule biopsy guy, let me know. I have a good one. Results in a few days...

Meanwhile here's a guy I covertly video'd in a MARTA station singing about sex...

The first 15 seconds or so it's hard to understand him... he was on the platform across from mine and walking away from me... but when he turns and begins walking in my direction again (about 17 seconds in) he gets into a nice "sex" groove... I believe the lyrics go a little somethin' like this:

Sex... everyday.
Sex... there I go.
Sex... there it goes.
Sex... everyday where I go.
Sex... you're on my mind
Sex... all the time.
(it gets a little Otis Redding here)
Sex... everywhere I go,
Sex... babe you know.

And then I kind of loose track... maybe you have better speakers than me and can make it out.


Maddog said...

I hope everything comes back fine from the biopsy.

My speakers suck on my computer so I couldn't make out what he was saying, but it sounds hysterical.

Paul said...

The MARTA station wasn't very busy. What time was that?

CondoBlogger said...

Hey Paul,

It was on Saturday last week... like 3 or 4 pm maybe? I was also shooting down towards the end of the station away from the entrances to the platforms... There were probably 30 people in there... just not in camera range.

Li'l Pony said...

I love that song. I wondering what he was thinking about while he composed it.