Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Bionic Bad Start

So TiVo has this feature where you can download movies and stuff... kind of like "On Demand" from your cable company except is TiVo's partner and all the content comes from them. It's called Unbox and I don't think you need TiVo to use it. I'VE not used it much because it usually costs money to download content and I don't need any other splurges in my life right now.


Last night I noticed that NBC is offering FREE downloads of some of it's new fall season pilots on TiVo's Amazon Unbox service. One of the shows offered: Bionic Woman.

Being sci-fi dork to begin with I was already excited about this show... and the fact that the producers of the new Battlestar Galactica (which is awesome) on Sci-Fi were the ones behind this "re-imagining" of The [original] Bionic Woman I was over the top excited.

Not so much anymore.


The new Jamie Sommers (Michelle Ryan) does have a very sideways resemblance to the bionic woman I remember as a kid, but she has NONE of the character, charm, wit of Lindsay Wagner's Jamie Sommers. For the 44 million dollars more the new Jamie costs I think they could have afforded a bionic personality to go with her arm and legs. I DO like Miguel Ferrer but I wish his character had been named Oscar Goldman... just as a nice nod to the original. I was very pleasantly surprised to see more than just one Galactica cast member making an appearance in the show. Along with Katee Sackhoff, Aaron Douglas who plays Deck Chief Gaylen Tyrol on BSG has a (what I hope will be recurring) role in the pilot.

I don't want to give any of the season premiere away, but wow... if you can't see every single one of the "twists and turns" from a MILE AWAY then you might want to look into getting a bionic eye of your own because they are blatant and frankly a little insulting.

Another strike against the show... Isaiah Washington who was so famously fired from Grey's Anatomy after an incident where he called (the adorable) T.R. Knight a bad name will begin a several episode arc in the weeks following the premiere.

This is only the pilot... so a lot can change by episode two, but I'll only be watching to see if Aaron Douglas is back. The official season premiere is Wednesday 9/26.


Jason said...

Crap. I was hoping this one would be a winner. Let's hope they tweak it. I have no patience anymore for bad tv.

Li'l Pony said...

So disappointing about the show.

A bionic personality would be a good idea, though, for scientists to work on. Over the counter, please.

somewhere joe said...

The stagey old low-tech sci-fi shows usually are better. I don't know why. Less is more? That "bionic mode" sound effect and hoakey slo-mo they used to use in the old series told you everything you needed to know, lol...