Thursday, August 30, 2007

I want to post...

...but I can't talk about any of the stuff I want to write about!

Thank you all for such nice comments about my last post... it really was nothing big... but I did get a kick out of seeing it, on TiVo, the next day. LOL.

To answer some of your questions, the thing I produced is called a "Bump" or a "Tease." It really is just 5 seconds (4 if the anchor reads really fast) and yes, it really airs at 4am. You would be surprised how much effort is involved in getting 5 seconds of TV on the air though. Maybe you wouldn't, but I was, and I work in TV!

There have been some interesting side effects from my adventures in tease production. During a meeting in which my tease was discussed (which I was not present for) a request was made by someone for a second, longer tease which would be produced daily and contain topical information about the show coming up. Apparently everyone liked that idea so NOW my tease which was only going to be shot once and used over and over and over is being shot daily in conjunction with the longer topical tease. that means the tease I wrote and produced only aired once. The tease that runs now is merely inspired by my tease. Still my concept, but no longer all mine.

Another side effect has been all the new contacts I have had to make in order to bring those 5 seconds to fruition... I think I met more people in the process of getting that on air than I did in 8 years in my previous position.

I feel like a dork trying to be all secretive about all this... it's not like I work for the CIA or anything... (although it DOES START with C), but there are rules. I'm considering asking my boss if I might be allowed to write about my experiences with more detail... but I don't know if I want my boss knowing about my blog. Heck my, BF doesn't even know yet!


Matt said...

For God's sake, TELL "P"!!!!!!!


I'm happy for you no matter what you reveal. Yay for CB! It's all worth celebrating.

Sorted Lives said...

Completely understand your position. You post what you want and WHEN. Your readers will be there.

kevin said...

Wishing you a great weekend over there in Atlanta, USA.

I hope you're finding time to relax.

Kev in NZ

kevin said...

Have a great labour day holiday.

Kev in NZ

Maddog said...

Don't post anything that's going to get you in trouble. Since I've been reading blogs I've read of too many horror stories of people getting fired, or harrassed because of things they wrote.