Monday, September 17, 2007

busy, fun, weekend

Saturday morning "P" and I and a couple buddies (one of whom is a Georgia Bulldogs Football Season Ticket Holder) made the drive to Athens to watch the DAWGS destroy the Western Carolina Catamounts. Always a good time at the game. They take their football S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y at the University of Georgia. Not really being a fan though, I usually just go to drink beer and watch frat boys drink beer. This was the view from my seat:

Yeah, my view had GREAT arms. Final score: Dawgs 45, Catamounts 16, Condoblogger 8 (beers).

Saturday night "P" and I crashed at "This New Condo." Made dinner, watched TV and talked a lot about our trip to China next year. We also talked more about the inevitable "move-in." That's been a touchy topic... right now we have no plans. We are going to keep looking though, and if we find a place that we both agree is "PERFECT" we will start taking things more seriously.

Sunday was a great day. Got up REALLY LATE... had some coffee and fruit and headed downtown because I got a call from work saying there was something wrong with the show I'd produced to air today. Turns out there was nothing wrong, but I was REALLY glad I went and checked... it would have bothered me all day.

After all that though, the show didn't even air. I wonder what Alanis would say about that... It was shot on Friday and over the weekend there were big changes in the two topics that were discussed, so this morning I got the emails saying that the big bosses decided instead to replay a show from last week that didn't contain as much topical stuff. That's happened a couple of times now, and it sucks, but it's the nature of the beast I guess.

Since we were already downtown "P" and I got some lunch and headed into Centennial Olympic Park and ate subs while watching kids play in the "Ring Fountain."

A new tourist attraction has been open in downtown Atlanta for a few months now... "P" and I had not been to check it out yet, so after the ring fountain we continued on down through the park to the new "World of Coke."

The two highlights inside are the real working bottling plant (one of the coolest robots I've ever seen is a part of that operation) and the "Tasting Room." In the tasting room you can sample different Coke products from all over the world. $15 bucks a ticket for adults seems a little steep if you ask me... but at least now if I have friends in town who want to go I'll know the drill.

Finally, on Sunday night we went to the Tony Award Winning Alliance Theatre to see a new musical called "The Women of Brewster Place." It's in previews here before moving on to Broadway. I liked it but I have two criticisms:

One - All of the women who live at Brewster Place, a fictitious housing project in an unnamed northern US city, all seem to have been educated at Cambridge. I'm not saying that I expected them to be stupid, but I WAS expecting them to speak in the vernacular common to people of all races who live in those types of neglected urban areas. Instead they all enunciated as if they were having high tea at Buckingham Palace.

Two - the second act of the play focuses on two characters and their particular struggle trying to fit in at Brewster Place. This is a play full of rich, full characters, set in a location that really drives the action, and yet the relationship of these two women really overwhelms the rest of the story. I personally would have much rather seen more focus on "Brewster Place" itself.

The music was peppy and there is an interpretation of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream within the play that really steals the show. I'm giving it a 7 out of 10.

Later that night we came home to find that Big Brother had started late because of some sporting event so TiVo only recorded a few minutes of it. Fine with me, I am not Dick or Danielle's biggest fan. We were both glad to see that Kim won on Design Star though.

Overall an awesome weekend!


Dean said...

I think I have a new favorite number. 47.

CondoBlogger said...


Paul said...

Thanks for checking in on the Centennial Olympic Park. One of those bricks is "mine," a gift from my aunt and uncle.

Matt said...

You are an arm man, aren't you ...

I love seeing pics from your days. I know you're just trying to make up for missing 12 of 12. ;)

Sorted Lives said...

What? The fag didn't win on Design Star? Don't they know gay men can decorate MUCH better than a woman? I just lost all my attraction to the show. Sigh!

CondoBlogger said...

There were plenty of our tribe in the running Sorted, but no... the final two were straight.

CondoBlogger said...

Matt - yes... arm man... definitly.

Jef said...

I like it when sports fan go butch and put makeup all over their face.

On the bright side, rates may go down by half a point this week.

My mother drank so much in the tasting room at the old World of Coke that we had to roll her out like the blueberry girl in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Jason said...

Funny, I love watching frat guys drink beer too!

I'm so mad at myself for getting sucked into that cesspool known as Big Brother. I do have to watch the final episode tonight, but no more BB for me! I swear.