Sunday, July 8, 2007

Neighbors and Tuna

Went with friends to see a (very community theater) production of Greater Tuna last night. It's a fun show 'bout a little town called Tuna in Texas. Just two actors play all the parts. Renowned Atlanta Drag performer Bubba D. Licious is one of those actors in this production. It was cute. I was MOST impressed by the theater and it's staff. SO COURTEOUS! Smiling, happy, funny, polite. Really cool to be treated so nicely by everyone there.

Afterwards my friends and I took a tour of This New Condo, including the "Lido Deck" where we found many of my drunk neighbors blatantly flaunting the rules by being in the pool and playing music (classic rock) late at night. My work schedule doesn't allow me to socialize with my neighbors very much, so it was cool to hang out with them. They all met "P" and my friends. One very drunk neighbor with a self diagnosed "knack" for figuring out people's astrological signs guessed immediately that "P" is a Gemini and then spent the better part of the rest of the evening going through ALL of the zodiac till she hit mine. Either she got lucky with "P" or I'm really difficult to read (Aries by the way). Eventually, she literally fell over and her husband took her home. I ended up talking to my fellow condo residents about how much we dislike our building manager and which units are for sale and how much they are going for. For the most part it really is a good group of people who live here.

Today I'm putting in some OT at work and then I get to spend an hour with a different kind of neighbors. Tonight is the first nomination show on BIG BROTHER!!! Yes, I admit to all of you, with only the slightest bit of shame, that I LIKE BIG BROTHER.

Only one episode has aired and I already hate someone!


kevin said...

Im pleased to hear you had a good night at the theatre.

So big brother is still going on in USA. We had the Australian version here a few years back but they stopped it after 2 series. I reckon the American Big Brother will be very interesting.

Wishing you a great start to your week in Atlanta, USA.

Kev in NZ

Paul said...

At times, I'm not sure that Tuna, TX isn't based on my hometown. I think I knew those guys.

Jef said...

Have you seen A Tuna Christmas? It's funny, too. I didn't like Red Hot and Tunas as much.

Aries never start what they finish and are prone to head injuries, so buy a helment. What more do you need to know?

My ex-boss tried to talk me into auditioning for the second season of Big Brother. She thought I could win with my personality. I never understood what that meant.