Thursday, July 19, 2007

Be Kind to Your Fine Feathered Friends

A pair of small birds have established a nest in my parking garage.

See the little hole in the concrete beam... the red arrow is pointing at it... right there... that's their nest.

Here's a blurry closeup:

It's a great place for a nest... if you are a bird. Protected from the elements, away from predators... maybe the air quality in a parking deck isn't the greatest, but overall a high/dry/safe spot to hatch some eggs, or just chill.

NOT such a great place if your parking space is located directly beneath the nest. Like this:

My neighbor has the misfortune of having to share her parking space with the birds.

The thing I think is cool is that instead of calling building maintenance and having the nest removed my neighbors have simply taken to leaving a shopping bag on the back of their expensive SUV. Now when my neighbor's avian parking space mates have to relieve themselves (rather selfishly I might add) their droppings are caught by the bag, rather than the Lexus:

Isn't that sweet? I mean all it would take is a stepladder and a broom handle to evict these birdy squatters, but my neighbors are being all "live and let live" about the whole thing. If it were my car being constantly crapped on I can't say for sure I would be so empathetic. I think it takes a really special driver to be so proactive about the environment that we all share with local wildlife...

AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It all comes together.


Matt said...

Good for them!!!

My adventures said...

not sure i'd be so kind but alas, i hope i would if that ever happens to me... lol... or i'd park in handicapped, i've got the sticker... lol...

Mike said...

Good for them is right. I can't say that I would even have thought about the shopping bag solution.

And look at you, going all Perez Hilton on your blog.

kevin said...

I hope the birds are ok. The chicks would have fled the nest in a few weeks.

Well done on winning yet another prize. You are so lucky.

I hope you are having a great week in Atlanta.

Kev in NZ

Anonymous said...

good post.
I wasn't aware hybrids now run on bird poo.