Monday, July 16, 2007

Big Fat Winner

I've been drinking Diet Pepsi lately. Specifically bottles of Diet Pepsi that have yellow caps with codes that allow me to enter sweepstakes at That's Pepsi's cross promotional Transformers: The Movie website. LOTS of prizes there... kind of an interesting way of entering too. Each code equals one "point" you can use to enter one of several different sweepstakes. Some of the sweeps have small prizes but LOTS of winners (800 Winners a day will win Yahoo! music downloads). Others offer fewer chances to win, but much larger prizes (1 Winner a day will win the Ultimate Gaming Package or a trip). My entry plan was to enter the bulk of my "points" into a midrange prize, and occasionally spend a point or two on the big prizes. A couple days ago this arrived via UPS:

Pretty cool no? They give away 20 of these every day... which seems like a lot, but when you consider that today at 4pm eastern time 10368 points had already been spent by other people in order to try and win this prize, I feel pretty lucky.

I considered holding on to it because it can be used as a webcam, but ultimately it's not something I need. I certainly don't need a $250 webcam. So it's up for auction. Good win. I'd hit a bit of a dry spell so it was nice to get some positive reinforcement to keep at it.

P.S. I haven't given up on Coke. In fact I'm up to 4484 points at My Coke Rewards.

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Anonymous said...

People really do win on This New Condo! Congrats. I see a vacation win in your near future.