Monday, July 30, 2007

Cool Ad


somewhere joe said...

Wonderful. But I had to watch it twice. (I'm slow, but I get there.) But imagine a 120-second spot in the U.S. Not even big pharmaceutical can afford that kind of extravagance. Pity.

kevin said...

Hey Condo
I havent seen you posting as often as you do. Just checking to see if you are ok. Im missing you.

I hope you are having a good week over there in Atlanta. It's summer there so i hope it isnt too muggy. You may have even escaped on a small holiday while the weather is great.

Have a good one.
Kev in NZ

Matt said...

I did get it in the end (and I'm not usually that quick). Very cool. I'll help spread it around, since no company can (will) pay for it.

Paul said...

I loved it ... even though I about gave up half way through (short attention span, I guess).

CondoBlogger said...

Paul did you give up or skip to the end? I hope you skipped or you will have missed a BRILLIANT "punchline."