Friday, May 18, 2007

Oprah's Bounty

click--->WIN A ROOMBA<---click

So a little ways back I mentioned that I had won some cool stuff from Oprah. Usually I save up all my winning for one post in the beginning of a new month, but this is from Oprah y'all... Oprah waits for no one.

It arrived with no fanfare at all... just a soft "thump" outside my door 'round Noon. No overture, no entourage, not even a knock at the door. Frankly I expected a package from Oprah to be delivered by Angels carrying it on a cloud pillow. Followed by a team from the Treasury Department and a string quartet joined by a choir singing in soprano tones, "yooouuuu get a caaaaarrrr and yooouuuuu get a caaaarrrr and YOU get a CAAAAAAARRRRRRR!" But no, today Oprah was being subtle. Today she sent only one messenger to deliver her bounty, a stealthy Representative who disappeared before I could even say, "May Oprah bless you."

First thing I noticed is that Oprah OF COURSE recycled the box she sent her bounty in. Was Why We Love a book club selection?

Upon opening Oprah's Ark of the Complimentary I found this first... a gym bag from a company called LUG. It looks purple here but it's actually brown. Clearly a woman's bag never-the-less... hopefully my Mom will want it.

INSIDE the LUG Puddle Jumper Gym Bag I found this Handy little "Do Not Forget!" doorhanger. There were no instructions, but from what I can gather, one hangs it on a doorknob (convenient hole included) and then one puts coupons or mail or other important things that one does not want to forget when one is leaving the house. It even has a small clip that one could attach car keys to! Smart really, as long as you remember to hang it on the INSIDE of your door. Thing is I already installed my shelf for key, wallet, change, Work ID and outgoing mail. So not sure what to do with the door hanger.

Next to appear were the bowls from the Bauer Pottery Company. Each carefully and individually hand wrapped by Oprah herself. Unfortunately the red one did not fare as well as it's brothers. Maybe she let Steadman wrap that one. I've named him Chip.

Here's my attempt at a display of all of Oprah's bounty in one shot. I really should go into "staging":

The big part of this particular prize will be seeing my suggestion for how to get a "Great Start" appear as part of an "advertorial" in an upcoming edition of "O, The Oprah Magazine."

So now you know what to expect when Oprah sends YOU a box of stuff!

Of course, I'm having some fun with this... I'm DEFINITELY not gloating. And I doubt Oprah herself had anything to do with this box o goodies. This is one of those wins that ends up being more fun or funny than anything else. Thought y'all might get a kick out of it!


Anonymous said...

I really like those bowls. I'll bet it was fun getting that stuff.

MiKell said...

You had me at "I've named him Chip."


Paul said...

LOL. Very loud. What a package of crap! I'm just so glad it gave you inspiration to write so fondly of it.

I truly live through your excitement.

kevin said...

Wow you are so lucky. I never manage to win a thing!

I love the pics outside your condo. It looks like a great place to live.

Hoping you're having a great weekend.

Kev in NZ

S. said...

Mostly it is GREAT Blog material if you ask ME!