Thursday, May 3, 2007

I may be crossing a line here...

Holy CRAP I have been busy this week! Feels good to have an agenda driving my day for a change but MAN I'm POOPED.

Speaking of crap and poop (nice segue), ever since I replaced diet soda with water my trips to "the library" have been vastly improved. What am I talking about? Maybe Turk and J.D. can explain:

You see in addition to replacing Diet Coke with H20, I also changed my diet quite a bit. No more eating out of the snack machine at work (Doritos and cookies for dinner!), more fruit, more healthy meals, less liquor, more... um... fiber.

I was actually a little concerned when, at first, all these dietary changes had a reverse effect on my digestion. Things seemed to stop moving for a while. I think it was my body holding hostage the first nutrients that weren't covered in powdered cheese or chocolate it had seen in a while. Have I lost any weight? I don't know. I don't own a scale. Tomorrow though I'm going to get a benchmark from the scale at the GNC near me.

Over the past week or so though, I'm a changed man. We don't have to get REAL specific here, but you know the difference between a good one and a bad one, and lately... all good. It's actually put me in a better mood! I don't know if that's the poo talking or if it's just the result of a good diet but either way I really do feel MUCH better lately.

Trust me though, you DO NOT want to go in there for a while after I come out. While the quality of my actions in the loo are greatly improved I'm fairly certain that I should be buying carbon offsets to make up for the damage I'm doing to the atmosphere.

Sorry about the shitty post.


Matt said...

I can't begin to tell you how much extra information you just gave us all. I'm even at a loss for clever words here. ME.

You've shown us a part of you we haven't known before. Well ... WRITTEN, at least. And, umm ... let's leave it at that.

Okay, I'm almost done laughing now. Thanks.

kevin said...

It's good to see you are having a lifestyle change too.

I stopped taking sugary drinks for H2o as well about 2 months ago and i feel like a chnged man. Im trying to keep off the sugary snacks to but with limited success. I should try it again.

You Americans are pretty embarrassed about talking about shit (well obviously you are not). It is good to see someone talking openly and honestly about it. We all need a soft shit to clear out the pipes and keep things flowing out nicely.

Have a great weekend and may your faeces be soft and comfortable just like mine ;)

Kev in NZ

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the healthy eating! You will notice even more changes as time goes on - better sleeping at night, less fatigue during the day, even your skin will feel better with more water intake.

Scales can be decieiving - I rely on how my clothes fit to tell me how my body has changed over time. I also reccomend taking a picture of yourself now and then taking another in a about a month and compare. You will be amazed at the difference! Good Luck!

Paul said...

Gee. What a little less junk in your trunk will do!

Has This New Condo bought a toilet paper holder yet?

Can I inherit your Coke Rewards points?

CondoBlogger said...

HA HA Paul! Nope, still no toilet paper holder."