Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm thinking of coming out to my boyfriend... a blogger.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Have a good weekend... mine has the potential to be VERY stressful, or interesting, or wonderful. Big decisions coming up.

Oh and I dropped off my Tax Assessment appeal this morning. Did some good solid research and I can't see how they could possibly not lower my assessed value. I'll keep you posted.


Matt said...

Honestly, I can't see how it would be a bad idea. For one thing, openness is generally a good thing ... and also, what is there to be embarrassed about? You've always talked about P and his family with tons of respect. My vote: Tell him.

And then apologize for telling the world about his blurring deformity.

kevin said...

I agree with Matt. I've always believed in being open and honest about things (apart from me not being out to some people)

If he loves you then he will respect your decision to have a blog. If the blog is something you enjoy doing then im sure he will want you to be happy and enjoy doing things. If he feels uncomfortable with it then you can ask him why and see if there is anything that will make him feel more comfortable with it.

Either way, it is your enjoyment and a way of contentment for you.

I think he will be fine with it.

If you decide not to tell him, that is ok too. Nobody is being harmed by it.

I hope you are having a great weekend.

Kev in NZ

altmike said...

I have mixed emotions about coming out to a loved one (blogging). It is great for them to be able to "see" inside of you....but there is a potential for self censorship that may defeat the original purpose of your blog. That is a toughy.

Maddog said...

By all means come out to him, just don't start to censor what you say, or even worse stop blogging. But I'm sure he'll love to read what you've posted.

MiKell said...

TheHusband knows that I blog (there was a post about 1-1/2 years ago about when he "found" it. I asked him not to read it, for all the reasons that alt>mike mentioned above.

I don't THINK he reads mine.