Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My unappealing appeal

The county I live in wants all kinds of proof that their tax assessment of "This New Condo" is incorrect. So I've been doing my research. I visited with the sales office now currently trying to sell Phase II of my building, I met with a real estate agent who represents a similar building to mine just down the street... and what I am learning is that BUYERS REMORSE IS A BITCH!

I really have no idea what my place is worth right now. Comparable stuff in other buildings on my street is selling for less than what I paid. Then there are the NEW, unfinished, units in my building that are selling (or at least listed) for much more!

So I have the ammo to get my appraised value lowered I think, but now I am worried that I paid too much!

Just going to try and ride the wave here for a while... see which beach I end up on. Hopefully it will be one on the Cayman Islands so I can open an offshore account as a tax shelter against the overinflated GNP of the mortgage fed interest housing rates FDIC batteries not included swelling may occur your parents help you put it together... I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. Which makes this all the more SCARY!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you left a comment - I had lost track of you so I added you to my roll - that's how I get to the blogs I like - I'm too lazy to add everyone to my IE favorites or use one of those rss feed readers - anyhoo - I fear that real estate everywhere is gonna drop a bit - a friend of ours sold his condo in buckhead for $229K. He has a friend with a larger unit - she's been trying to sell hers for over a year, ASKING $219. Who knows - but your right in getting the taxes reassesed. If property owners loose - so should the county - then perhaps they'll stop giving out building permits like cereal coupons.