Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shooting Day for Night

That's a shot taken from my balcony looking up at the floors above me. I love the brickwork on my building. Sure it's just brick facing, but it still looks cool I think. It's amazing how you can SEE all the details in the brickwork... especially amazing since this pic was taken in what used to be the much darker hour of 3:30 IN THE MORNING!

Back in March I mentioned I had concerns about a potentially "problematic" "outdoor lighting issue." Well, the city has finally flipped the switch on these:

After all these months the streetlights have been put up and turned on.

They've been up on the other side of the building for some time. Until recently though, they'd not installed the poles on my side. I knew they were coming though, the "sockets" had been down there, waiting, taunting:

I wanted to live in an urban area, with restaurants and shopping within walking distance. I knew living in "the city" was going to have issues and side effects that I could not completely plan for... this is definitely one of them. Funny thing is that when I DROVE past This New Condo I didn't even notice the new streetlights. It wasn't until after I had parked and actually walked into my place that I noticed SOMETHING just didn't seem right. It took me a few minutes to figure out what was different.

So what effect do my new nightlights have INSIDE This New Condo?

Here's my bedroom with the shades open:

And shades drawn:

Living room shades open:

And shades drawn:

Guess it's time to get serious about some REAL window treatments.


Arthur (AmeriNZ) said...

I like the brickwork, too—but what, exactly, we you doing photographing them at 3.30am?

CondoBlogger said...

Ahhhh... the wierd work schedule was responsible for that! Actually I'm glad I got home so late/early... otherwise the changes in the light outside would have happened gradually and I might not have caught on to what was causing it right away. I'm not real bright (no pun intended).

Dean said...

Or make sure P is there to occupy you when you get home - then you won't be looking at the windows. Instead you'll be, um, under the covers. ;-)