Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The $40 Haircut

I have mocked people who paid more than $12 bucks for a haircut. I apologise.

Directly across the street from This New Condo is a Supercuts. Just down the street is a Great Clips. In the shopping center where my dry cleaners is there is an Hair Cuttery. I think "cuttery" is a made up word by the way. We don't go to the liquor shoppery, The Home Depoddity, or the Supermarkuty afer all. I DO however, enjoy the Cold Stone Creamery on occasion, and that seems to work as a name... Anyway, on average it's probably $12 for a haircut at one my local walk-in places. This seems reasonable to me. I don't have a fancy 'do that needs a lot of tricky scissor work. Mostly just a clipper with the #2 guard and a quick trim up top.

Two weeks ago I got a REALLY bad haircut at a shop nearby... Not going to say which one, but I WILL say that I expected a super cut. When I walked out it looked OK, but after a shower I looked like a mushroom.

I know I could go back and say, "I don't like this, please fix it." But her question would then be, "What do you not like and how should I fix it?" I don't know how to answer that other than, "I don't like looking like shiitake!"

Luckily I can wear hats to work.

A week or so went by when I happened to be at Lenox Square Mall where I passed a big glass wall behind which were rows and rows and rows of empty, fancy looking, haircutting stations (an area I am certain is NOT called the "cuttery"). Turns out it was DASS DAY SPA. A haircut would not be $12 bucks there, but I was OK with that because I needed to be able to sit down with someone, take off my hat and say, "Fix this." Lauren, my stylist, did just that. Instead of asking how she SHOULD cut it, she explained how she was GOING to cut it and what the result would be. She showed me how I could maintain the style I was leaving with and how I could wear it differently. She did not try to push $14 bottles of shampoo on me AND she was ADORABLE. Oh yeah, and I got one of those shampoo/head massages that always make me feel a little weird. After all was said and done, I have to tell you it was/is the best haircut I have ever had. Yes it was at a girlie day spa and yes it was expensive and yes it is no where near me, but...

...as God is my witness I will never pay $12 for a haircut again!


ThatGuy said...

welcome to the dark side my well-coiffed padawan

; -)

Sorted said...

I have to admit, I go to a Great Clips at the local plaza here in town and the lady who cuts my hair is AWESOME! She takes her time and is adamant about me leaving with the perfect cut. Granted, she has been there for years and has a following.

I hope she never leaves!

Dean said...

You can ride MARTA to Lenox though. :-)

CondoBlogger said...

I moved this comment from Kevin he accidentally posted it to the death post...

kevin said...

I pay the equivalent of US$21 for a haircut. He gives it a wash and i tell him to do what he wants with it. My hairdresser isnt too bad. My hairdresser doesnt massage the head though.

We have barbers shops with similar names to the ones you mention.

The vege soup went down great yesterday thanks. I like the way you put the 'u' in favourite :)
In return, i will write favourite as favorite just for you.

Have a great day.
Kev in NZ

May 16, 2007 5:30:00 AM EST

MiKell said...

No thank you.

My haircut costs me $12, from a barber. A gosh-darned-old-man-with-clippers that have the vacuum attached.

I get a High-n-Tight. Very high. Very tight.

And I don't have to have small talk while he's doing it.