Sunday, May 13, 2007

1 of 12

I totally forgot 12 of 12 yesterday. It would have been a really EASY one too. "P" and I spent most of Saturday looking at condos and there was plenty to shoot. PLUS it was a SATURDAY... ugh... mad I forgot.

Oh, and yeah, I did say "looking at condos." I'll explain the condo shopping in another post...

At ANY rate, by the time I realized it was the 12th, the day was too far gone to catch up. It dawned on me at about 8:30pm while "P" and some friends of ours were at a show called "Boys Night Out." Four gay singer-songwriters including my latest crush, taking turns singing some of their original numbers. Just a small stage, 4 guitars, a toy piano, a mandolin and 4 really talented guys. I had no idea what to expect, but it was a great time! Something about a man and a guitar... woof. The 6 beers probably didn't hurt my mood either. My buddy "M" and I even got to play "roadies" and help break down the stage when it was over. Never let a drunk guy handle your mandolin by the way.

So the pic above is my 1 of 12 for May. I encourage y'all to check out Chad's site though and see what others around the world did on THEIR 12th of May though. It's always fascinating.

Happy Mother's Day!


Matt said...

I can't believe you forgot 12 of 12!!! You're the one who got me into it!!! Don't you use Outlook?!?!?

Cool post anyway. :)

mist1 said...

Drunk mandolin handling is my specialty. Well, that and the thing that I do with my tongue.

kevin said...

What is 12 of 12. My mind is blank?

You asked about what a car trial is. I think it is a group of classic cars getting together but i cant be sure on that. The programme definitely say car trial. Perhaps they mean car rally!

Please tell me about this 12th of May thing.

Kev in NZ

Zpitzen said...

Hmf.. Always looking forward to your 12of12 post..
Not happy..;-)
But sounds like a fun night...
Greetings from Ger.. Oh no.. Denmark

CondoBlogger said...

I am so angry at myself for forgetting... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Kev, I sent you an email re: 12 of 12

Mist, I get so giddy when I get a comment from you!!!

Matt, no I don't use outlook... but I had set a reminder in my Treo, but I set it for the day prior... I should have set it for the day OF! Will correct that for June.

Claudine said...

missed you this month on the 12 of 12, it's one of my favorite..... Don't forget next month :)

Jason said...

A new condo, perhaps? Exciting.

I agree about men with guitars. Forget the singer, the guitar and drum players are usually where it's at!

CondoBlogger said...

Claudine, you are too sweet. I've already set new alarms and reminders so I don't blow it again.

Jason, perhaps... but no not for over a year.

Dogeared said...

Never let a drunk guy handle your mandolin by the way.

Duly going into my "Wise words for Life" book... [wink]