Monday, April 2, 2007

March Winnings

3/5 - $50 in gas cards - "prize winner in the WSB-TV Chevron Red Carpet Sweepstakes" - Just showed up in my mailbox.

3/20 - A $12 Movie Ticket Gift Certificate redeemable for one movie ticket up to $12 in price - From the GENERAL MILLS SPIDER-MAN 3 ONLINE INSTANT-WIN SWEEPSTAKES - Notified via email from the sweepstakes agency

3/21 - My choice of a college basketball jersey (I chose OSU) - From the Nabisco "Make the Call for Your Home Team" text2win sweeps (text winit to 47171 through 4/2) - Notified via text message

3/21 - $25 pre-paid MasterCard - From the Atlanta Downtown Association's commuter rewards program - notified via email newsletter.

3/27 - "$20 Cash for Gas" in the form of a check - From Pepsi's Free Ride Sweepstakes - check just showed up in my mailbox, no other notification that I'd won.


mist1 said...

Why would the gas cards be in $10 increments? $10 does nothing for my tank.

dbv said...

damn, i haven't won nuttin'!!!

kevin said...

Well done on all your winnings and in New Zealand we would call you a 'tin arse' (Im not sure if you have that saying over there) because you have been so lucky. I hope that April is just as successful for you. I should perhaps enter a few more competitions.

I like the new set for your balcony by the way. Will be great for using on those nice warm American summer days. Does your part of America get pretty cold in winter?

I see you are going out today to celebrate passover (pesach). I hope you have a great time and enjoy your day.

Kev in NZ

MiKell said...

Can I rub your belly for good luck?

Jason said...

Dang, I think I need to rub you for good luck!

Congrats on all your winnings. Something tells me you have a lottery jackpot in your future. Remember us little people ;)

CondoBlogger said...

mikell - right now, there's plenty of belly to rub. I wonder if the size of the belly equals the amount of luck one recieves from rubbing it.

Kevin - Tin Arse! AWESOME!!! It gets cold here but not for very long... this year I think I wore a heavy coat maybe 10 times all winter. Passover Sader was wonderful... good friends and new friends.

CondoBlogger said...

mist - they can also be sued in the mini-marts! $10 can get you a big ol handful of smartees, or a bottle of Thunderbird (serve very cold).

Maddog said...

Can you tell me what the winning numbers will be tomorrow for Powerball? I could use a couple of million dollars and I'd be happy to share with you.

Paul said...

Rub your tummy? With P's permission, there's surely a lot more to rub.

Nice haul!

Rey a.k.a. "Mr. Secret" said...

Damn, I gotta be more proactive in my lottery and contest entries. I won nuttin' in March... Nada... Zero... Zilch.

And psst... Thanks for that compliment about my voice. It ain't all that, but, boy, you made me blush.