Monday, April 16, 2007

Film Gaffes

Saw Disturbia over the weekend. Decent movie. No real surprises. It's the kind of movie where the kids are all smarter than the adults. The beginning kind of shocked me a little but after that it was pretty much the Scooby gang pulling the mask off old Mr. Whithers.

There was ONE thing though that make Disturbia memorable... in about 5 scenes you could clearly see the end of the boom mic hanging over the actors heads! It was really weird! Especially because it happened throughout the film, not just in one scene or at one location... it was all over the place! This was a pretty expensive production, and to see THAT in ANY shot, let alone 5 was really surprising.


Maddog said...

I'll have to wait about 6 weeks to see it here in Iowa, but the previews make it look good. I'll have to watch for the mics.

Rey Rey said...

Those inconsistencies can really ruin a film... Like in Stand By Me, when they're horsing around in the pond, Teddy's hair keeps changing in direction... It's annoying and totally takes away from the movie.