Thursday, April 26, 2007


Today I have a weird work day... only have to go in for a couple of hours in the evening. That gives me a little extra time during the day to enter some long neglected mail-in sweepstakes (those are them in the pic above) AND catch up with a bunch of podcasts that I subscribe to, but don't always have time to listen to.

One of my favorites is the NPR Story of the Day podcast where I learned more about the new "Super Earth" found in the constellation: Libra. I REALLY want to go there, it sounds wonderful.

I also listened to my first episode of The Mopod Show where I learned that I have a little crush on Rufus, or at least his voice.

While catching up on missed episodes of Jason Bellini's Here and Now podcast from LOGO I learned that he has just adopted two very adorable puppies. You really need to see the video, they are cute. I ALSO learned that I THINK Jason is dating Will Wikle from Big Brother and that Will now works at a hospital. Who knew!? By the way, get that podcast from iTunes... the Logo site is S L O W, at least on my mac.

I'm a big new fan of Ragan Fox's show Fox and the City. Today he introduced me to a Pussy Pilot and read a HYSTERICAL poem about what it's like to go to school at Arizona State University (sounds a LOT like Washington State by the way). This is really good show in my opinion. He is very smart and very funny and that show is TIGHT as a drum, edited to within an inch of it's life.

Jason, Chuck and Kevin on Jive Talkin' entertained me with tales of Clothing Optional vacations and introduced me to some Musical Theater I'd not heard of before. Y'all are going to have to let me know where the name for your show came from because as the old lady on "Airplane!" said, "You ain't Jive." You're entertaining, but Jive?

I went back and found the very first episode of A Shanty No Lemon to find out why it's called that... I still have no idea. Something about an anagram generator I think.

Dan Savage and his callers made me very uncomfortable (in a good way).

Who needs TV?

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Anonymous said...

LOL. I never thought of Jive Talkin in those terms ala the Airplane movie. We pulled it from the intro song of the same name, by the Bee Gees.