Sunday, April 29, 2007

The adult parade, a full martini on my crotch, oh and a play!

Forgot to mention that last Saturday we saw Cuttin Up at the Alliance Theater. Pretty good show. For some reason I thought it was a musical, but nope. It's about a barber shop that caters primarily to an African American clientele located in whatever city the play is being staged in. There was one scene that I think was entirely improvised where the barbers and their clients banter about local news headlines and issues. I thought that was pretty cool. Overall it was (for me) little haphazard and preachy sometimes, but a good night out.

Yesterday was also a Saturday and we went to the Inman Park Festival. It's HUGE festival just 2 MARTA stops from This New Condo.
The pic below is just ONE of the streets that they shut down and line with booths featuring people selling just about any old thing.

I'm always reminded at festivals like this of a George Carlin routine in which he talks about our consumerism, "Be the first guy to nail two things togehter that have never been nailed together before and SOME SCHMUCK will BUY it from you!"

Their community symbol is a butterfly. You'll see it in a few of the following shots.

The festival includes a locally famous (or infamous) parade that gets increasingly less family friendly as it progresses...

This is the evolution of a butterfly, the kid dressed as a leaf has a little white egg sack attached to him, and the guy next to him is the pupa, and in the background is a girl wearing her beautiful butterfly wings! Awwwww. Cute:

I think the kids are up front so they don't have to see the debauchery to come:

Starting to get weird:

Those are probably not real:

Not sure which philanthropic organization this "float" is sponsored by:

A sign on the Planned Parenthood "float" (following behind were people dressed as birds and bees):

There was a TON of Bush bashing... That's the Veep playing puppeteer with a W marionette. W, by the way, is holding and drinking from a bottle of oil. Inman Park is definitely not a hotbed of conservatism:

Obligatory bad parade drag:

Picking up the rear:

Less racy than Pride, but more drunk than Veteran's Day. What can you expect from a scene that starts selling beer at 9am?

Oh yeah, and last night I ate SQUAB for the first time. During that same meal I spilled a full martini down the front of me and into my crotch. CLASSY!

How was your weekend?

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Matt said...

You know, there are easier ways to absorb alcohol into your body ... :)