Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm not as creative as I think I am

I was trying to create a livejournal account today so I could post comments on some of the other 12 of 12's that are posted on that service. I don't really NEED another account at another website with another password but in the spirit of community I thought it would be nice to have an account there so I could say nice things to people who use livejournal and don't allow anonymous comments.

I filled in all the fields in the application and hit the "create account" button. Then this message came up, "Bad password: Your password is based on a commonly used password." Wha, wh, WHAAAAAA? COMMONLY USED? I am fairly certain that no one has ever selected this password before me! It's far too creative and well thought out!

It's a beauty too, it has numbers AND letters and it's a longish string, but not TOO long. It has great significance to me so I never forget it, and has served me well. I must admit however that recently after a weird thing where some of my Yahoo! mail junk mail started showing up as "read" I changed most of my more sensitive passwords, banking, email, eBay, stuff like that to a random string of letters, symbols and numbers that is taking me FOREVER to commit to memory. But for basic goofy stuff, my old password has always worked just fine.

Kind of bums me out that the password that I, for so long, relied on for most of my internet security is SO COMMON that the computer that controls access to a second tier site like livejournal won't even ALLOW me to use it!

Guess "internet security consultant" would not be a good choice for my next career.

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Maddog said...

I've never been told that, but I had someone tell me once that the passwords that I use for things like blogs etc. should not be the same as I use for banking etc. so I had to go and change them all.