Thursday, April 12, 2007

April 12 of 12

12 photos all taken on the 12th of each month. Chad Darnell has all the details if you'd like to take part:

#1 - I declare myself the winner of the best "bed head" shot of the day:

#2 - Watching last night's South Park with breakfast:

#3 & 4 - Time for MAC's weekly water change and bowl cleaning.



#5 - Back for more TV... this time it's Bravo's new reality competition Shear Genius:

I MAY have to give up the worst bed head crown to her!

#6 - Found a really good sweepstakes (it's only open to a few states, the prizes are big and there are a bunch of them AND it's a mail-in only... ALL good odds builders) so I spent a few minutes filling out 3x5's and addressing envelopes:

#7 - At work now, buying my my water:

#8 & 9 - Have to wear a headset for part of my day. Makes me feel like a borg:

#10 - This is the door to Edit 26. It's right next door to Edit 27:

#11 - My department:

#12 - Gotta love the filtered water stations in the break rooms. One last refil before I head out the door for home:

This is also my BONUS PIC. My Random Word was DIET. Quit rubbing it in already! I know I'm big! I'm workin on it!

Probably not my best 12 of 12 effort... just some random shots of a day in my life.


Paul said...

I not sure that you shouldn't win the bed head contest, CB. It looks like you must have had a pretty rough night. Or is that why you like ball caps? No need to comb.

"Diet!" What type of a random word is that?

CondoBlogger said...

Paul - no rough night, just the result of me putting off a long overdue haircut!

Matt said...

I agree - you are the "bed head" winner. Part of why I keep my hair so short ... :)

I like seeing the random "day in your life" shots! And I love the Borg picture.

Pete said...

Your fish bowl is awesome! :)

Zpitzen said...

Greetings from Ger.. oh no.. Denmark;-)
Love the fish bowl.. Never seen that before... and I think your work is cool!! you get to look like a borg.. LOL..

~Sheryl said...

Yes, I agree... way cool fish bowl. Nice 12 of 12. Thanks for sharing.

Sorted said...

I thought it was awesome. Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

Nice pics! Love the fishbowl. :)

Linda said...

Nice pics! Love the fish bowl. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Pretty fish. Course Benny would try to eat him. LOL. My bird...the garbage disposal. LOL.

outofctrl said...

I like the fishbowl, too.

Andy E said...

At least you have hair to have a bad day with [/envy]. Love the fish bowl and pics!

shelley said...

i love the fishbowl! :)

Elaine said...

It is a cool fish bowl. :)