Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Something's Fishy

Had a great holiday Weekend.

P and I exchanged our homemade presents and he surprised me once again with his creativity. My favorite thing he made is a set of drink coasters that we saw Martha Stewart making on TV. Well... we didn't actually SEE her make them, the TV was on in the background while we were otherwise occupied. I'm not sure what it says about the quality of the activity we were engaged in that he was able to pay enough attention to Martha that he could recreate her project later... but at least now I have a saucy story to tell friends when they ask about the origin of my cool drink coasters.

He broke the "homemade only" rules just a little too and got me the Frank Oz version of Little Shop of Horrors on DVD... (I know, how stereotypical). When we were done with presents we watched it... well he watched it, I acted it out word for word, "Yes, Dohkta!"

My homemade present was a set of gold leafed candle holders... I should have taken a pic of them to show y'all what a nice guy P is. Nice because my project was not a total success in my opinion, but he loved it! P bought some electric candles a while back. At first blush they seem pretty cheesy, but when you disguise them correctly they look EXACTLY like real candles. So I made him some holders that would disguise the electronic parts, and just show off the flicker. They did not come out perfect by any means, but as they say down here in the south, bless his heart, he seemed to genuinely like them!

Santa also got us tickets to see Cirque du Soleil next month. Pretty stoked about that. Never seen one of their shows.

There were some other stocking stuffers, but those are the highlights.

So what's the "fishy" part? Meet MAC:

P's Mom gave her to me for a Christmas/Housewarming gift! The gift was actually the fishbowl that MAC lives in. I think it's really pretty cool:

P's Mom explained her present by saying that thought I should have a pet. I have to be totally honest though... I am petrified about having a pet. Even if it is just a 3 dollar betta fish, it's a LIFE in my house! Relying on me for food and stuff! I also worry that MAC might be lonely, but getting another fish (female Bettas can live together in the same bowl, unlike their prettier male counterparts) would be even MORE responsibility! I know it's just a fish... but it's really been a big event for me. Where should the bowl go? Kitchen? Bathroom? Bedroom? Right now MAC is in the living room looking very fashionable atop my West Elm step side table, but I worry about the conditions there. Too much light? Not enough heat? I initially asked P if we could take her back to the pet store because I was too worked up about the responsibilities of fish ownership, but he talked me down of the ledge and so far I think MAC makes a nice addition to this new condo.

RIP: President Gerald Ford

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