Tuesday, March 27, 2007


One Hundred posts... wow. Compared to the folks in my "library" (the blogroll over there on the right) (maybe scroll down a little) that's not much, but it's a nice mile marker never the less.

I had been planning to take down all the Linkshare & Amazon banners and buttons as part of my 100th post extravaganza, but honestly, I kind of like them. I'm a huge mac fan so I'm proud to be an affiliate for Apple's stuff, and the Amazon banner is actually kind of cool in that it automatically displays items based on keywords on the page. Sometimes it works better than others. For example a link for a Danish CD called "Your Orgasm" is nearly always included in that banner. Writing about it in the body of this post probably is not going to help alleviate it's persistent presence either. It also went through a "Roxette" phase for a while, where all the CD's from THAT band (also Danish if I remember correctly) were displayed. Maybe they are included in the banner because I talk about Ikea some times? The 1-800-Flowers button is there just to remind me to send flowers to Mom on holidays.

What do y'all think? Ad's or no? They are certainly not revenue generators, so they could go just as easily as stay... would be less work maintaining them if they were gone.

On to this new condo... FLOORS. Many people in my building are complaining about their floors. They are wood, probably some kind of laminate. They look nice but they ARE kind of delicate. They scratch easily. Some people are also reporting some discoloration in areas they have laid rugs over. I don't have any rugs yet, so I haven't had the discoloration issue, but the scratching I can relate to well. My floors are VERY scratchable. There have been very quiet rumblings about the possibility of taking some kind of "action" against the builder as some of my neighbors feel they may have been misled about the quality of their floors.

The pic above shows scratches caused when I accidentally stepped on (while wearing sneakers) a thumb tack which I'd dropped. You know the plastic topped kind? The ones you see stuck into cork bulletin boards.

Having never had to maintain a wood floor I'm not certain how upset I need to be about all this. Maybe this is how durable ALL laminate wood floors are. The only other time I had wood floors was in a house I lived in with 4 other guys in college and we trashed them. I think those were REAL hardwoods though, they actually stood up really well to our punishment, I don't think that in 2 years of living in that house we ever once mopped. Maybe when we moved out thinking that would be the key to getting our deposit back, but I'm pretty sure we kissed that goodbye within a week after our first party. My current floors would not fare as well.

There's a homeowners meeting coming up next month... I think the floors will be a big issue then. In the meantime, I'll be careful not to step on any more tacks!


Sorted said...

Congrats on your 100th post. I have enjoyed reading all of them.

Wood floors are hard to keep up. Somehow, I have managed to do a good job. Any marks I just chalk up to character!!

Jason said...

Good for you reaching #100! It took me a year to reach that milestone. I'm glad I found ya. Good Luck with the floors. I can't believe you guys didn't mop for 2 years. lol.

dbv said...

if the scratch is deep, go to an art store and get a wax crayon that's as near to the color as you can find... heat a long nail over the range and as you drag the nail over the scratch, touch the crayon to it so it melts into the crevice, then buff... it worked on my hardwoods years ago... i now have concrete floors... and happy belated birthday!!!

Maddog said...

Sorry to hear about the scratch. I'd never make it with floors I had to be "careful" on. By the way, your Ikea post won't allow comments....but I think the sitting area is great. But then I love all things Ikea so of course I would.