Wednesday, March 7, 2007

More Wierd Sweepstakes Trips

Remember the Trip to Greater Des Moines I entered to win last week? Well AAA Magazines is trying to out do the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau with a couple swell trips of their own.

How about a trip to Mackinaw City! Where you'll "enjoy unlimited fun to Mackinac Island on a Mackinac Island Ferry, Fort Mackinac, Historic Mill Creek, Old Mackinac Point Lighthouse, Colonial Michilimackinac and Thunder Falls Family Waterpark!" What state is Mackinaw City in?

If that's too much excitement for you why not enter to win a trip to KANSAS! You choose between 4 getaways: Wichita, Topeka, Hays or Emporia!

Then again for the REAL THRILL SEEKER go ahead and enter for your chance to win a week in North Dakota! This trip includes stops in Fargo, Bismark AND Medora where you may choose to use your "two tickets to the famous outdoor Pitchfork Steal Fondue."

Feeling Lucky!?

I'm sure that all these places are actually very nice, and in reality I would probably enjoy a trip to any of them. Be forewarned however, these trips do not include airfare or any other transportation AND you will likely end up on a mailing list which will result in HUGE brochure packets for these (and neighboring) cities and towns clogging up your postal mailbox.

People come to Atlanta on vacation which makes no sense to me... I mean there's stuff to do here... but Atlanta? Really? I guess if you have run out of other major American metropolitan areas then maybe... but Atlanta? Atlanta has attractions that are kind of secondary... that is, you'd go to them IF you were already here for a convention or an event, but you wouldn't plan a trip just to do or see any of them. I wouldn't anyway.

On another note... I am approaching my 100th post and I'm not sure how I should mark that milestone, if at all. Any suggestions or recommendations on what to put in my 100th post?

P.S. - thanks to the good folks at CashNet Sweepstakes for turning me on to the AAA Magazine Sweepstakes. There are a few REALLY GOOD SWEEPSTAKES RUNNING RIGHT NOW so if you are FEELING LUCKY try your hand at one of em!


Anonymous said...

Wow, already near your 100th post, you go boy! Something to mark the about a sweepstakes? lol.

I may be doing one of those convention things in Atlanta in a few weeks. I will scratch and fight to get some free time to check out the city, even if they are secondary sites ;)

Anonymous said...

How about running around naked? (for celebrating the 100th post I mean)

Maddog said...

Ah, traveling to the midwest. Let me assure you that's there not much to do beyond watching the locals, which can be a lot of fun. Only 7 more days until I head east to NYC.

CondoBlogger said...

Jason, a sweeps is not a bad idea! HMMMMM. If you do get out this way be sure to let me know.

Dean, dear god no!

maddog, I could sit all day and watch locals, maybe the North Dakota trip IS for me after all!