Monday, March 5, 2007

Wasn't tryin to be a downer...

Thanks for all the words of encouragement and support regarding my last post. I honestly wasn't trying to be such a sad sack. Actually, I kind of thought it was one of my more lighthearted posts! Clinton and Stacy? Self diagnosed hypochondria? C'mon, that's funny shit! No?

Things are not bad... just stressful... it'll all work itself out. In fact, this week I'll have my review at work during which I will learn the amount of my 2006 bonus AND my 2007 raise. It's going to be a good review so I am expecting larger than average numbers. I've also FINALLY made my appointment to have my taxes done, and it's virtually impossible that I won't get a decent refund. So the pressure valve will be released a little... at least financially.

In other news, P and I saw a cute play over the weekend. The Horizon Theatre Company is staging a production of Almost, Maine. Very small, very cute little series of vignettes set on a winter's night under the northern lights in the little, rural, fictitious town of Almost, Maine. Think "Northern Exposure" meets "Men in Trees." Only 4 actors (2 men, two women), all playing several different characters throughout the course of the show. Very small theater which sometimes makes me uncomfortable: Small Theater + Bad Play/Bad Actors = Uncomfortable Condoblogger. All the actors in this show were really quite good though, and I even liked the very simple stage.

Only problems were with our fellow audience members. Open mouth gum chewer to our right and bluetooth headset blinking LED in front of us.

Oh, speaking of entertainment, have y'all seen "The Sarah Silverman Program" on Comedy Central? Good TV in my opinion. NOT FOR THE KIDS and NOT FOR THE EASILY OFFENDED, but if you are an adult who can take a joke about ANYTHING (abortion, homelessness, addiction, lesbians) I think you'll enjoy it.

Happy Monday!


My adventures said...

love sarah, her show usually makes my sides hurt from laughing...

Paul said...

I know that last post had me concerned!

First, TOO many mirrors can be a real problem. Have you ever been in one of the bathrooms with mirrors all around? 360-dgree nakedness can make anyone feel insecure. TOO many mirrors and you start to see more than love handles.

My advice: keep some of your clothes on when in that new elevator. At least something. Socks, maybe?

Plus, I've always thought that Clinton and Stacy need someone to tell them how to dress. I hoped you weren't wanting their advice.

Thanks for the Sarah Silverman recommendation. I'm always looking for a good laugh.

Sorted Lives said...

Color me there!! I will have to check Sarah Silverman out!!

You are never a downer. Life gets in the way, and that is what I like about reading you! :) You/We are human and nothing is ever the way we want it! You got to spend quality time with "P", that is all that matters.

Your weekend sounded wonderful, well, except for the gum-chewing, blue- toothing people who get in the way. There is always 5 in every crowd.

Li'l Pony said...

I love Sarah Silverman.

Anonymous said...

Sarah is the best. I've been trying to catch her show as often as I can. And you are right, it's not for the easily offended.