Thursday, December 28, 2006


Still getting all of the blog etiquette down... so not sure if this is kosher but...

I've discovered a lot of great blogs by finding them in other great blog's blogrolls. Aside from a couple of very welcoming gents who added me to their blogrolls early on (thank-you!) I've kept my list of daily reads to myself in a bookmark folder.

Today while I was updating my Lets Say You're Right... link at I decided it was time to add some of my other faves to the list. I don't expect any reciprocal links, and if for some reason anyone in my list would rather not be there just let me know. I won't be offended. I've even changed the name of that field from "Neighbors" to "Library" ("Library" is now "Filing Cabinet") so that those listed don't think that I'm trying to allude to any kind of association. Though I'm not opposed to new associations.

My blogrolling list is FAR from a complete list of all the spots I hit regularly, frankly many of them contain subject matter that I don't think would compliment "this new condo." This list is merely a short rundown of the sites I think are interesting/smart/funny/written by attractive people/educational/well written and try to read regularly.

So if I have broken any blogging rules (should I have ASKED first?) PLEASE let me know.

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Anonymous said...

Glad we crossed paths!
Save those coke points :)

Have a Happy and Safe New Years!!