Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Movin on UP!

Had a good review at work... Yesterday I was the 94,834,783rd richest person in the world... Today:
I'm the 59,990,293 richest person on earth!

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Dean said...

Can I say "Holy Shit!" on your blog? Well, if I can, "Holy Shit!" What kind of raise did you get to move you up 35 MILLION places in that list??? DAMN.

mist1 said...

I found $5 on my dresser today. I'm pretty sure that will up my standings in the world. No comments (please) as to how $5 ended up on my dresser.

CondoBlogger said...


I think when you are dealing with the 6 BILLION in people in the world and the fact that the majority of them make less that $5000 a year, it's not hard to take a big leap... here's how the calculate it.

Paul said...

I'd say it was a very, very good day.