Friday, February 23, 2007

Free in February

On the hobby front I did have a decent month...

I won one of the 2nd prizes offered in the "Hit the Road with the Hawks" sweepstakes:

Two tickets to sit in a catered luxury box to watch the Hawks take on the 76ers next month. I can't go, but my good friend and her buddy are going to enjoy them on my behalf.

I was also surprised when a FedEx dude knocked on my door with a package containing this:

I was one of a few Grand Prize winners in the General Mills "Go-Gurt" Nintendo Sweepstakes. Pretty cool. Not sure what is going to become of this. I don't need it and I don't know anyone who does. I think eBay will have a new listing soon.

The big sweeps prize I teased you with a few weeks ago is on the way, but not in the form I imagined. The sponsor is having problems getting their hands on the actual prize, so instead they are shipping me a gift card with which I can purchase my own. It should be here in two weeks... I'll let y'all know what it was/is then.

Not a sweeps win, but a nice surprise none the less from Metrotainment Cafes arrived day before yesterday. I must have filled out a survey or something after dining out because they sent me a $25 gift card for my birthday (still over a month away). Metrotainment Cafes operates several local restaurants in the ATL. Big fan of the "Kinda Fulton, Kinda Cobb" salad" at Joe's on Juniper (Fulton and Cobb are both counties in the Atlanta area)... so that will definitely come in handy!

Last AND least, but oddly enough the one prize of all these I will actually get the most use out of: A coupon for Clorox Disinfecting Wipes valued at as much as $3.49. Apparently I was a winner in the "Clorox Disinfecting Wipes - Open the Door to Clean" game.

So... still waiting on the big one... but not a bad month for free stuff!


Dean said...

So are you telling us the FedEx man had a nice package?

Paul said...

Dean .. THAT'S FUNNY! Have you seen my UPS man? Talk about a package!

Hey, I think that house in Winter Park is for me. But I'll share.

Jason said...

Wow, you are just damn lucky. I hardly ever win things, but I guess you have to play to win! Congrats on all the cool prizes.