Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The only thing we have to fear is...

Turns out I needn't have been so scared of Applying for my Homestead Exemption at City Hall. Was EASY! So easy I did it while stripped down to my Hanes boxer briefs!

Yup. Still a bit sweaty from my 30 minutes in the world class fitness center and dressed in nothing but my unmentionables, I applied for my Homestead Exemption online. I figued I could "cool down" while I visited the county website to see if there were any guidelines for applying: what to bring, how long it takes, which line to stand in, etc. While I was digging around though, I found an online application and 5 minutes later it was done. No fuss, no muss. Even got a form letter emailed to me that said if there were any problems they'd be in touch, otherwise we were good to go!

The interweb is slowly curing my fear of signing stuff, while at the same time feeding my fetish for being inappropriately dressed for important events. OK, the second part is made up, but I'm trying to put suggestive keywords into this post to see how many google hits I can get from people searching for, "stripped," "boxer briefs," "sweaty," "unmentionables," "fetish," and the sexiest of all, "Homestead Exemption!" Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I don't know if this is standard practice all over the country, but check your county's website. Look for the Tax Commissioner's page and you too may be able to set aside your fear of paperwork and surly city workers. But hurry, the deadline in my county is March 1st.

PostScript: I wonder if there really are horny 80 year old dudes out there googleing "unmentionables" lookin for pictures of ladies dressed in their bloomers.

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Anonymous said...

You ought to be writing porn. I think you've missed your calling.