Thursday, February 8, 2007

Top Design

If you haven't seen the Wednesday, 2/7 episode of "Top Design" and do not want to know the outcome, don't read anymore.

There is a whole 'nuther blog in me. One in which I tell everyone what to watch on TV and why. I know good TV. I also know crap TV. I watch both, and everything in between. TV has been my career for the past 15+ years (I've been "in" broadcasting since high school). That does not necessarily qualify me as an expert... I know many in my industry who have been doing it longer than me and still think that "Full House" (aka: Mom Died, Lets Have a Party) and "I Love New York" (aka: Mom's HERE Lets Have a Party) are good shows. For the record, they are not. My ability to judge shit from shinola did not come from my job, rather my job is a manifestation of my desire to make more shinola.

OK... so that's my pedigree. Here's the post:

Bravo is home to some of my only "appointment viewing" anymore. Top Chef just ended, and honestly, I don't love that show... and I KNOW this is going to sound naive... but it looks too edited. I KNOW EVERYTHING is too edited... if Top Chef wasn't too edited we'd be watching someone whip egg whites for 15 minutes or sitting through 15 minutes of dough rising. I GET that we have less than 50 minutes to jam 48 or 72 hours or even a whole WEEK into and I accept that those...

Shit... this is warming up to be too big a post.

Here's what I LOGGED ON to say:

TiVo records Top Design for me and I like it. Maybe it's because I am looking for inspiration to cover up the "builder beige" color on the walls in This New Condo, maybe it's because of the high number of "family" members, maybe it's because I have just a tiny crush on Ryan (was his jacket tonight cool or lame?), whatever the reason, I like it.

Tonight John got kicked off. Pissed me off. This guy (and I use the word "guy" loosely) should have gone, at LEAST according to the way the show was edited.

They've totally sold me on this show. That's not easy. I'm SO jaded that the twists and surprises on "Law and Order" I can see coming for miles, even the episodes that are not "Ripped from the Headlines." P constantly accuses me of having seen a show before because I say the next line before the actors have a chance.

Top Design has surprised me... but not in a "oh my gosh!" kind of way, more in a "they lied to me," kind of way. Tonight they built John up as someone to watch and by the end he was gone. I read about him on Towleroad, where I learned that he was going to announce on the show that he is HIV positive. I was pullin for him even before I found that out though. He has this kind of wierd dual energy thing going on. Half daddy half drama queen. Fun to watch because you never knew which side of him would speak next.

I have a feeling that John will be back. Someone will have to drop out and he'll be called in to replace him or her, or there will be SOME twist (like in last season's Project Runway) where booted designers will be back. Though it IS pretty early in the season... usually if you are gone in the first or second show, you are G-O-N-E. That's probably John's case.

I worried the day would come when I would start just posting for post's sake. So far I have been able to keep this blog pretty condo-centric. Top Design at least has SOMETHING to do with my experience as a homeowner in that I am trying to find cool, cheap, creative ways to make my house my home. But this is DANGEROUSLY close to being just a random posting.


Joe Jubinville said...

What's more domestic than TV watching? Alas, I had to dump cable; it was a budget-driven trade off with high speed internet service, and Time Warner's prices had gotten out of hand. Still, I do sometimes feel culturally deprived. So I got a 1080i widescreen TV and HD receiver - Now I get all six broadcast networks in HD off the air for free. That plus the $4.99 DVD bin at Walmart goes a long way...

Li'l Pony said...

Ryan is cute. Though, I find it hard to remember he is on the show whenever Todd Oldham is on the screen. It would be cool if the show inspired some design decisions in your condo!

Anonymous said...

I love Top Design too. With that, Project Runway, Top Chef, and Workout (season 2 in March), BravoTV is just crankin out the good shows!!