Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Taking out the trash

Ted's FINALLY moved the last of a seemingly never ending string of ginormous construction dumpsters from beneath my balcony yesterday!

It was actually kind of neat to see exactly how something that big gets put up on a truck... had always wondered about that process...

So now we have a couple more street parking spaces, and I can stop including, "turn left at the giant dumpster full of construction flotsam" in my directions when telling people how to get here.

We're expecting rain today. Hopefully some of that red Georgia clay and dubious seepage left behind will be washed away.

I know I've mentioned this before... but given the size of that restaurant, I am really surprised at how much GARBAGE it's construction generated. I wish I had counted the number of those dumpsters they've filled in the process of carving that space into my building. It's doubtful that they would have all fit inside the space they were there to support.


Joe Jubinville said...

Things are looking up - when you look down.

Anonymous said...

Ya for no more Dumpsters!

I know you already had your romantic Valentines dinner but I still want to wish you a Happy Valentines Day bud!!

Jef said...

I've only been to Ted's once, and I don't remember what I ordered. My friend ordered a salad, which was a decapitated head of lettuce and a bouler-size dollop of blue cheese dressing.

I didn't know where to look.

CondoBlogger said...

Ahhh yes, the "wedge." It's either bleu cheese or thousand island, if you are lucky you get some julianned pickled beets on top.