Monday, February 26, 2007

The bad news is they're gonna cut a hole in my wall.

The good news is it's a wall I haven't painted yet.

Listen to the audio in this clip... the video is pretty boring... basically just the wall above my shitter... but in the audio listen for what sounds like clicking or snapping... you'll have to turn it up a little probably, but if you are in the office and don't want the sound of a toilet flushing coming out of your cubicle, then wait till you get home... it's not that exciting.

You know what might be funny though... if you can conjure up a good Silent But Deadly stinker and THEN play the flushing sound. HA!

OK... enough scatological humor.

First you will hear the flush (it was a fresh bowl btw), then the sound we all are familiar with as the tank fills, and during that time listen close for the clicking. There is a final louder click as the tank reaches capacity and the water stops flowing.

To me it sounds like water is dripping in the wall someplace, but that can't be because there's no wetness anywhere. The plumber (who showed up unannounced at 9 am) says it's "expansion."

Well, sometime this week demolition will begin. I'll keep you posted.


Paul said...

This is great! Just how many hits have you had on YouTube of that toilet flushing? (As I play it twice, just to hear the final click-click-click.)

Remember the old proverb: A hole now beats a flood later.

CondoBlogger said...

Paul - was that Confucious, Courtney Love or the Little Dutch Boy with his finger in the dike?