Monday, February 5, 2007

We didn't have hydrogen cars when I was in High School

The "H-racer" is going to a new home:

Re: Hydrogen "toy" car offer
To: "[Condoblogger]"
From: "[Nice High School Science Teacher Lady]"

Thank you so much for your generous offer, Mr. [Condoblogger]! I would definitely be interested in the Hydrogen car. It would fit perfectly into my environmental science curriculum as we do a unit on conventional and alternative sources of energy, and hydrogen fuel is one of the alternatives we look at.

If it's not too much trouble for you to drop it off, that would be great. Thank you again for the offer!

[Nice High School Science Teacher Lady]


Sorted Lives said...

That was a wonderful thing you did. Another angel earned their wings.

Joe Jubinville said...

I admire your generosity - I would be loathe to part with any of those sweepstakes toys, being a hopeless gadget geek myself. Have you crashed the chopper yet? They're tough to master.

Matt said...

Good for you! I love to see anything donated to our schools.

CondoBlogger said...


Nope, haven't even taken it out of the box yet... still undecided about the helicopter's fate. I believe it will either be repurposed as a gift to one of "P's" nephews, or maybe donated to a toy drive next holiday season.

Then again, I may just bust it out and see what I can knock over with it!