Saturday, June 2, 2007

Win a Jeep!

Miller Lite wants you to design and win a Jeep!

Click here to see the one I designed.

Once you have your's all tricked out post the URL they'll give you in my comments so we can compare. They're giving away 4. Enter once a day, everyday till July 31st!

-Good Luck


kevin said...

I hope you are ok. Emergency Rooms (called Accident and Emergency over here) can be a horrible place.

You took some great photos.
Let us know that you are all ok.

PS: Do you really have to PAY to go to an Emergency Room? All hospital treatment here is free including accident and emergency treatment and inpatient treatment. All X-rays, CT Scans etc.

Kev in NZ

CondoBlogger said...

Hi Kev,

Yes... you have to pay. The Emergency Room is probably the MOST EXPENSIVE health care in fact.

I'm fortunate to have insurance that covers all but $50 of an Emergency Room visit.

Feeling fine now... it was really nothing... thanks for your concern though!