Saturday, June 9, 2007

Flirting with disaster

"P" is directly in front of me. We're at my place. He cannot see the computer screen. He has no idea I'm blogging. He's cooking dinner. It's a shrimp, pasta, basil and tomato dish that he invented (or at least CLAIMS to have invented) that is delicious. We bought all the ingredients at Your Dekalb Farmer's Market earlier today. Light, fresh, filling... I can't wait for dinner to be served.

He thinks I am entering sweepstakes.

The Top Chef season 1 and 2 reunion show is on in the background. I have such a crush on Harold. "P" has it bad for Sam.

How YOU doin?


Li'l Pony said...

I'm excited that the new season of Top Chef is set here in Miami. I just wish I had caught them filming it, whenever that happened.

p.s. (I vote for Harold as well)

somewhere joe said...

I quit cable when I got my DSL. I'm out of the loop and culturally deprived.

But "P"'s recipe sounds good. Light, fresh, filling... what could be nicer?

Matt said...

We haven't watched any TV in months (we have satellite, but usually just watch movies). We'll have to check out Top Chef though.

And even though it's 7:30 a.m., I'm craving P.'s recipe!! I love dinners like that, that are light with lots of fresh flavors. Mmmmm.

I STILL think you should just out yourself to P. :)

Dean said...

I'm assuming - as Matt mentioned - that you haven't come out to him. I still think you should - I'm certain he respects you and would respect your desire for the blog to remain private.

Paul said...

Don't you sorta feel like you're sitting across that cold granite counter top and cheating?

CondoBlogger said...

Paul - no... I didn't feel like I was cheating... but I can see where you are coming from.

Dean - he'd be cool with it... he probably would not pass on the URL to our friends or families... but for now, this blog is for me. Someday maybe he and I will have one that we share.