Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 12 of 12

Can you believe it's already time for another installment of Chad Darnell's 12 of 12? If you are new to this, check Chad's site where he explains it all.

I really wish that to make up for my pathetic performance in last months 12 of 12 I had some amazing idea on which to build a story around these photos... but alas...

This, my friends, is what an UNUSUALLY boring day in This New Condo looks like:

I got up at the crack of 1:26 (wait for it)... PM.
In my defense... I didn't go to bed till 5am... so getting up after lunch isn't SO pathetic... is it?

The bonus word this month is "Secret." So here's my first secret: I'm a mouth breather. When I get my nose done it will ACTUALLY be (looking at you Ashlee Simpson) because I have a deviated septum. The BEST thing in the world to soothe the dryness that results from a night mouth breathing is a popsicle... Today's happened to be lime, but I am also partial to banana and root beer.

That may be more of an admission than a secret... how about this: The SECRET to soothing a dry mouth first thing in the morning is to have a popsicle.

While enjoying something cool in the mouth I like to clean out my Yahoo! Mail spambox.

Bored yet?

Check and respond to any comments left on my blog (thankfully today there WERE some so this isn't too embarrassing).

All the while half watching/half listening to an episode of Mythbusters that TiVo thought I might enjoy.

I thought they kind of cheated on this one... it was about making a car stereo so loud that it could cause the windows of a vehicle to be blown out explosively. They built a "woofer" so large that it took up the entire car... they even had to remove the steering wheel... so the myth was already busted when they started because with no seats or steering wheel, it's hardly a car anymore is it?. Basically they just built a giant speaker in the shape of a car. And it still didn't' blow out the windows. Disappointing.

After all that email checking, Mythbusters watching and popsicle eating, it's time for a break. So I kick back on the couch and watch a couple Craig Ferguson monologues. Are you watching the Late Late Show with TV's Craig Ferguson on CBS? Very funny show...

Secret number two: that's the same sock I had on at work the day before... never took 'em off. By the way, I had on brown socks because I was a little dressed up on Monday... I had an interview... more on that later in the week though.

Showertime... I took this shot at GREAT RISK to my Treo.

All cleaned up now. I've made it to the lobby and the mail center to drop a sweepstakes entry in to the outgoing mail. I'd show you my mailbox, but there was nuthin but two junk mail flyers in it.

Here we are in the elevator...

... going up to...

the parking deck. Can you guess which one is mine?

Going out the first of two "Fort Knoxian" security gates that residents of This New Condo are required to pass through in order to leave the premises.

...and finally through the second security gate and I'm off to work.

I hope you will go to Chad's site and see all the other (probably MUCH more interesting) 12 of 12's from all over the world!


BU said...

Nice pics! Where do you work that you can just get there late in the afternoon?

Anonymous said...

Great pics! :) Wow...that's some security system! ;P

mist1 said...

I always like to help people make improvements in their lives. Here is my unsolicited advice.

1. There are too many buttons on that alarm clock. Just get a cat that will attack your face when it's time to get up. Would you like to borrow my cat?

2. Banana popsicles suck. I like root beer and blue flavored popsicles okay. I buy the packs of strawberry, grape and raspberry popsicles for breakfast. I don't like the strawberry ones. I have a freezer full of them. You can pick them up when you pick up the cat.

3. Gmail. That's all I have to say.

4. Comments make the world a nicer place.

5. I only watch Mythbusters when they promise to blow something up.

6. Nice sock.

7. You are very brave to take the Treo in the shower. Next time, love the camera a little more. We want to see some skin.

8. Did you order magazines with your sweepstakes entry? Even though they say you don't have to, you won't win unless you buy magazines.

9. If I guess the right car, can I have it? Will you fill the tank first?

I could only come up with 9 of 12. Damn.

CondoBlogger said...

BU - I work for an Atlanta based Cable News Network... that's all I'll say. :)

Beth - they call them "security gates" but trust me the gates are there to ensure that any PAYING customers in the parking deck don't get out. It's really less security and more monitary.

Mist -

1. believe it or not that is the easist clock I have ever owned... even sets itself... and it doesn't need a litter box.

3. I actually had a gmail pic, but my 12 of 12 was getting a little screenshot heavy so I nixed it.

7. no one wants that... trust me.

8. I gave up on the Publisher's Clearing house years ago... but I think you are right.

Dogeared said...

I'm glad you linked to your previous entry too, I'd not seen it!

I have a very easy radio alarm clock/CD player. Last night (a late night), I changed the time to a bit earleir for my alarm, and forgot to hit the "set" button [doh]. Even easy alarms fail us on those occasions where despite doing something every day, our brain periodically resets!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try that secret of yours when I wake up with a dry mouth...it happens on occasion for me. And I was gonna say that your car was the silver one, but seeing your other pictures, your car is a darker color :P

Matt said...

I will agree with Mist's comments, especially #7. But I will go with your sense of humility. Not deserved, but honorable.

And I will absolutely not comment on posting a shower pic as well as the extensively seductive pic of you eating a popsicle.

Bego said...

So, the beauty of Chad's brilliant idea is not so much the 12 pics (which, even at the blandest level are a fabulous connection that we are all in this game of life together) is that I read many blogs now--at least once a month.

My condolences on Mac, and you must get another fishy--the bowl is just too fabulous to sit in the dishwasher.

And...I hope you've changed your socks.

Paige said...

Mmmm - Popsicles!! I enjoy the lime and probably would the root beer - but I can't stand the artificial banana flavor. Props to you for eating them so that I don't have to!
Any other celebs you want to call out for their...stretching of the truth? I think you've got A.S. pegged for sure.
Great 12 of 12!
~ CC

Andy E said...

I can't remember the last time I managed to sleep in until the afternoon. I'll have to add that to my "to do list".

Our work parking only has one gate and I wrote the software for it, so it's definately not as secure as yours.

Sorted Lives said...

I love your 12 by 12. What a great concept. I look forward to many more. Have a great day!

Elaine said...

Not fair. Even when I didn't go to sleep until 3 a.m., I still woke up at 9....you got 8 hours of sleep. LOL ;)_

Zippy said...

My secret - Craig Ferguson is my secret boyfriend. He doesn't even know it yet. Shhhhh......

And pass the popsicles! That sounds good just about now.


Rick Rockhill said...

I have to say, that was a really good post. I liked the idea of a sequential story and pic post. Kept me interested!

catie said...

I know how you feel about getting up after lunch. I'm working graveyards and just got up at 7pm. Sometimes you just gotta embrace the nightlife! Thank goodness for 24 hour grocery stores.

My adventures said...

you need a decorator!!! lol... and which car??? and, i used to live in atlanta, what area are you in? I lived and had a flower shop in VA/Highlands...