Friday, June 22, 2007

And now I give away the ending to "Funny Girl"

...and probably break several copywright laws in the process.

I've been reading about all of the pride celebrations y'all have already taken part in all over the country. Now it's Atlanta's turn.

The pic above is the world famous "Baton Bob" batoning in front of the crowd that gathered last night for the unofficial kick off to Pride weekend in Atlanta. On Thursdays during the summer Turner Classic Movies erects a screen in Piedmont Park and shows movies (Time Warner does the same thing in Bryant Park in NYC but it's sponsored by HBO there). Since this event always coincides with Pride Weekend the film that plays just prior to Pride is typically campy. Last night it was Barbara... Funny Girl. I honestly thought that I had seen that movie before, and I MAY have seen snippets... some stuff looked familiar, but I don't think I'd ever sat through the whole thing. It's LONG!

Honestly, after sitting through the whole thing... I have to say that I don't think Omar Sharif left Babs because he was too proud to let her support him... I think he just wasn't that into her. You could kind of see it in his eyes. I read a blog post a while back... I honestly don't remember who wrote it... but he was talking about how in every relationship, one person is more in love with the other. It's not a bad thing, necessarily. But one person probably has stronger feelings for their partner than the partner does. Clearly Fanny was a little more into Nick than vice-versa. IMO.

The rest of this weekend is packed. My employer sponsors a number of "Affinity" or "Business Resource" groups, including one for GLBT employees. In fact our group was the FIRST to be officially sanctioned and sponsored by the company. This is the first year that we are really stepping up our presence at Atlanta's Pride. So...

...tomorrow I'm walking in a 5k fun run/walk in Grant Park with the work group... then probably hitting Piedmont Park for the festival. Then Sunday...

...we (the affinity group) are going to walk in Atlanta's Pride Parade. It will be my second time walking in a parade, but my first in my "hometown." The group is sponsoring the Youth Pride float which I understand features Lady Liberty and Lady Justice in a "sisterly embrace." We'll be walking ahead of their float. I'm really looking forward to it.

Finally, bright and early Monday morning "P" and I leave for Idaho to visit Mom. So somewhere in there I'll need to find time to pack.

Happy Pride!


Paul said...

Ya'll have a great weekend, and a great tip to Idaho.

(I you gave something away in this post, I must have missed it.)

kevin said...

I wanna hear all about Atlanta pride. It sounds like it's going to be a fun time.

Enjoy it.
Kev in NZ

Maddog said...

Happy Pride. I hope you are having a great weekend and that there are lots of pictures of all the events.