Thursday, December 21, 2006

All the small things

The end is near! 2006 has only a few days left and I think the builder of this new condo is facing some kind of deadline because every day I walk out my door to find something new or different. This rush seems to have started about two weeks ago and it's cool but weird at the same time.

Cool because I like these additions:

Rough hewn, chunky shelf in the elevator lobby.

Etching (not appliqué) on the lobby doors. I'm actually on the fence on this one, but it's more like than dislike.

Giant craftsman style light fixtures in the hallways

I don't like this one:

A small detail in the baseboard trim in the hallways. Those little black metallic squares replaced two small wood "tabs" painted the same color as the wood around them. Those tabs popped out of the trim about an 8th of an inch. The new squares are flush. It was a very craftsmanish detail, now I'm not sure what they are going for.

it's weird because no one told me to expect any of these changes, and no one has asked if I like them. The only change I was expecting was the removal of the carpet that was in the hallway when I moved in. I was less than wowed by the carpet they replaced it with (seen above), but it's OK I guess. P says it looks a little "Vegas hotel."

I always give the "community director" my opinion on the changes, good and bad. I don't know if that has any affect on which small things they will change next, hopefully my neighbors are also speaking up though. Until we begin to have Homeowner Association meetings that's pretty much our only way of speaking up.

Other notes:

Glad I don't live in Denver! I hate living in the snow! VISITING the snow is nice, but LIVING in it SUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS!

The sign still has not been turned on, but Ted's is starting to look pretty close to being done. The interior is finished and furnished. Take a look at this though:

I don't know the square footage of that restaurant, but every week for a couple months now, they have FILLED at least one of these giant bins. Just one restaurant in one town filling several of those during construction. I just imagine all the other things being built or torn down that require those giant bins. SO MUCH WASTE! Tragic.

My ex is in town for Christmas. We broke up years ago, but still have a cool bond. His real estate savvy always impressed me and he's definitely one of the reasons I had the guts to buy this place. He moved up north about a year and a half ago. Always weird to see him again, things were left really unfinished. It was a really hard breakup for me. We keep in touch though (mostly by text message) which is how I know he's in town. For Christmas he and his (I guess it's officially) partner exchanged rings ("ack!"). He's here solo this trip though. Hopefully we can get together and have a few beers.

P and I will "do" Christmas probably on Saturday. Sunday I will spend the day with my folks, he with his Mom. Monday (Christmas) I'll probably join his family for lunch and then it's a normal work day for me.

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