Saturday, November 25, 2006

...and Schnitzel with noodles...

With great deference to the Von Trapps (and Oprah), here are a few of THIS NEW CONDO's favorite things!

This stuff is so cool! It’s a hard ball of detergent that smells faintly of mothballs that you wrap in a cloth sleeve and then again in a soft rubber shell. Put it in the washing machine and you leave it there... don't take it out for rinsing or spinning or anything... lasts like 40 washes. I have a front loading machine however and while the clothes and the oxy ball are tumbling around it can get a little noisy, like when you put tennis shoes in the dryer. But it's great, no powdered detergent crumbs all over and no liquid detergent goo leaking down the side of the bottle.

I installed this myself (pat, pat, pat). The kit is like 30 bucks at Lowes. If you have not discovered the ease and functionality of a "pull out" drawer or trash can under or in your cabinets, you are missing out. Only problem with this one is that the only cabinet this works for me in, is not in the ideal location in the kitchen. But what it lacks in location it makes up for in awesomeness! May I also recommend getting a trash can that isn't huge. Yes, it means more trips to the garbage chute or dumpster or trash cans or wherever, but it also makes for easier transport and less stinkiness since things won't linger there for long before the can is full and has to be taken out.

I've mentioned that I'm not into ticky-tacky-notchkey-stuff. I don't have a lot of things that serve as display only items. This is one exception to the rule. Nipper is (was?) the mascot/logo for RCA Records and electronics. My father worked there for a time and one of his souvenirs from that gig was this guy. Molded plastic, and clearly worse for wear, I've had him for years. Reminds me of the time I spent working in Radio.

Cool coffee maker. I'm certain that the Senseo is in some way a scam. Like a fancy way to sell instant coffee or something, but it keeps in line with my no-muss lifestyle. Makes just a cup at a time (a very SMALL cup unless you use two "pods" at once). The pods can be hard to find as well... but for ease and simplicity, I love it.

Speaking of "pods..." The senseo can also make darn good tea! These tea pods are awesome! I found these online. They come in all kinds of blends (I like the green). I'm not a big tea guy, but they are great and EASY to have on hand for guests, and according to my brother who lives in Japan (which makes him an authority) Green Tea will cure you of anything. I try for one cup a day.

#6 TiVo!
The greatest invention ever.

THIS NEW CONDO Also rans: Skyy vodka (just cheap enough), Mac Mini, instant flavored oatmeal, the Treo 650, Wired & Dwell & Entertainment Weekly

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